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Hanson’s Middle Of Nowhere revisited

The Music Network by Nathan Jolly   THE BACKSTORY: A hard working garage band self-finances two records which they release independently to modest success, managing to shift a few hundred copies of each in their home state. When an A&R representative from a major label hears them play at the Wisconsin State Fair he flips and immediately signs them.… Read More »


Time Out Australia These crowd-pleasing Mmmboppers prove to be one of pop’s most underappreciated acts First published on 17 Sep 2012. Updated on 17 Sep 2012. Question: How do you know you’re at a Hanson concert? Answer: when the band starts a cover of the Beatles’ ‘Oh! Darling’ and the young thing next to you pulls out Shazaam. Actually, folks,… Read More »

The Dirt video w/ Hanson

Hey guys, here are your ‘Hanson High School Shout Outs’ in honour of the boys new album Shout It Out. Enjoy!   https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=497233180287013&saved

REVIEW: Hanson, The Palace, Melbourne, 14th September 2012

Take 40 Wow was I excited to see these guys in concert. Hanson was (or still is) my Bieber. When they first immerged into the 90s pop scene, no one had seen such a response from crazy teenage girls since Beatles. And now over 15 years later we compare One Direction to Hanson.  I was thirteen when Hanson… Read More »