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By | August 31, 2012
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NEW From The Band

This Week

This last week was a great one, because we were actually playing concerts. We were all across Canada playing concerts in Halifax, Peterborough, and Vancouver. It was a long awaited trip after months spent behind 3CGs iron bumper working on album number six.

Writing continues on the yet untitled album number six, and we are a long way from finished, but I know all three of us are really excited about what it will sound like when we switch from scratch tapes and demos to the real deal, bona fide recording.

We are only a few weeks away from flying down to Australia for the release of Shout It Out down under. It has been seven years since we last toured there, so it’s about time we made it back. Anticipation is high on our end; I think we are going to have a blast.

Onward – Isaac, Taylor and Zac

Fan Club Members Merch Design Contest!

There is just over one week left in our Members Design Contest submission period! Members, submit your designs by September 9th at 11:59pm!

Here are a few highlights of the designs that have been submitted so far.


NEW HANSON Asks – new questions!

See the results of last week’s HANSON Asks polls and the brand new polls for this week available to HANSON.NET Members!

NEW HANSON 20th Daily Picture

Every single day starting back in May during the 20th anniversary HANSON DAY event we have been posting a daily picture highlighting a moment in HANSON History. Check out the new pic posted today!

HANSON 20th daily picture recap

Check out all the pictures posted this week and the MANY more that are posted every day on

HANSON 20th Trivia Game Winners!

Check the @hansonmusic twitter account each Friday for your chance to win a Han-Cyclopedia Trivia Game!

The latest winner is:

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