Touring announcements from nineties acts that make you go hmmm….

By | June 7, 2012

Perth Now 

EVERYTHING nineties is new again, musically speaking, because there’s a whole swag of acts from that decade touring Perth.

It’s not just Backstreet that’s back, although last week’s New Kids on the Block / Backstreet Boys double billing at Burswood Dome was the biggest retro concert we’ve seen so far.

The 90s invasion continues tonight when East 17 turn Metropolis Fremantle into their ‘house of love’. And in September at the same venue, N-Trance will set you free and Hanson will mmmbop their way in.

Add to that the latest acts to announce they’ve run out of money (that’s the cynical way to look at it). C & C Music Factory will make everybody dance on July 13 at Metro City and Everclear will perform at Amplifier Capitol on October 14

This year we’ve also been treated to The Vengaboys in January, Aqua who toured in March, and S Club, who were here two weeks ago.

The 90s are back – embrace it! (At least ticket prices to these gigs are about the same as what you could afford from working Thursday nights at Pizza Hut!)


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