Hanson’s honeymoon video offer to Oxfordshire man

By | June 6, 2012

BBC News

An Oxfordshire man who bombarded US pop group Hanson with 461 daily video messages requesting they play at his wedding has been made a “dream” offer.

James Bishop, 26, from Abingdon, and his friend Chris Douch, started sending messages to the band in February 2011.

They replied using YouTube, offering to fly Mr Bishop and his fiancee Jennie Tripp to Jamaica for their honeymoon.

Miss Tripp, who is due to marry Mr Bishop on 28 July, is currently unaware of the scheme.

Mr Bishop said: “It was a strange feeling because my fiancee doesn’t know anything about this.”

He plans to reveal the marathon effort in his wedding speech, but he admitted he was “playing with fire” by speaking to the media.

He has also been running a video blog of his multiple requests for more than a year.

The two men thought the game was up when Hanson announced a gig in Illinois on the planned day of the wedding but then the video message arrived.

In it Zac Hanson, 26, said: “We can’t play the wedding and we don’t play weddings, but what if we gave them a really nice gift?”

Hanson then offered to fly the couple to Jamaica in January and give them tickets to their gig there and pay for their hotel.

During their persistent campaign the pair received encouragement from the band on several occasions. After one concert Taylor Hanson had said their dedication was “impressive”.

But Mr Douch, who helped make the 461 videos, has not been offered a ticket.

He said: “At the moment, no prize. I’m still waiting for my video from Hanson.”

Hanson had a UK number one hit with MMMBop in 1996 while they were all still teenagers.

Their most recent album Shout It Out was released in 2010.

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