HNET Newsletter May 25, 2012

By | May 25, 2012

This week: Daily pic recap, Member of the Month, HANSON Asks, HANSON Day 2012 Poll, another Back To The Island musical guest, HNet Store pre-orders and a MOE re-stream!

Daily Pic Recap!

New photo posted daily!

Member of the Month!

Our May Member of the Month is aschwan. Congratulations Adam!

From The Band!

We have been mainly under the radar since the Hanson Day celebration two weeks ago. I guess the recovery took longer than we thought it would.

We are continuing to work on the new album, writing and also planning for a little more sanity (slowing things down) throughout this year. I think all three of us have really needed this last few months to recharge before getting back into the swing of recording and then promoting a new album. It is a delicate balance between letting the music find its way and knowing it needs to be pushed along at times.

We will not begin the full-on recording process for a few more months, mostly because of the need to finalize the writing of all the songs that will be on the next album, but also because summer called and said the beach is waiting… What?! I need a little beach time!

Assuming recording goes as planned, our hope is to begin sharing some of the music from the new album starting as soon as the fall, maybe in a similar way to how we shared the very first song recorded for the new album, “TONIGHT,” with members during the Hanson Day Members Only Event a few weeks ago in Tulsa.

p.s. Members, please enjoy the re-stream from Hanson Day 2012 next weekend!

Hanson Asks Poll!

The HANSON Team is working on new elements to improve the Experience and we would like to know what type of Cell Phone members use. Answer the question, HERE.

HANSON Day 2012 Weekend Poll

Thank you to all of the Members that visited Tulsa for the 2012 HANSON Day Weekend. To improve the HANSON Day experience for next year, we would like you to complete the HANSON Day 2012 Poll.

Back To The Island Musical Guest!

As a part of HANSON’s year long celebration of the band’s 20th anniversary which begins officially in May, the band have invited their fans to join them on vacation in Jamaica, and today announced that their friend singer/songwriter Robert Schwartzman will be joining in the fun too.

Want to join us on the island? Click here for the lowdown.

Not a Fan Club member yet? CLICK HERE to join!

HNet Store Pre-Orders!

Pre-Order items restocked and 3 New colors available. Visit the Pre-Order section of Today.

MOE Re-Stream!

Mark your calendars for June 1st! We will restream the MOE Event in Tulsa. The stream will loop through the weekend. More details coming Tuesday!

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