My First Hanson Concert: Albertane Tour

By | January 27, 2012

Name: Charlotte B
Which Tour: Albertane Tour
Date: June 16, 1998
City/State: Wembley Arena, London

I went with: Claire H, 1/4 of the H.A.S (Hanson Appreciation Society – we made that up in school!)

I expected the show to: Be electric! Magical! 3 gorgeous men singing our favourite songs!

We waited in line for this long: We we had seated tickets I only think we waited a couple of hours singing Hanson songs with fans in hopes Hanson would show!

My favorite song  they did was: MMMBop! And Madeline. They’re the songs that introduced me to the best band in the word! Will forever hold my heart.

A funny thing that happened during the show was: We stood in front of a bunch of girls who looked like they were attending a funeral! Me and my friend were jumping around, screaming, singing so loud and waving our glow sticks around (they were cool at the time.) So funny! They  attended a brilliantly awesome show to be all somber!

After the show: We cried and sung our way home! Best day of our lives at that time!!

The show did/did not meet my expecations because:  Hanson freaking rock my world and I’ve never ever lost faith in them or their music and have seen them many times after my first show.  They’re the best thing in the world and such lovely men too! Worth waiting for! I know that I’ve been waiting for this!

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