Song vs Song Round 2B Results

By | March 28, 2011

Round 2B of Song vs Song has now come to an end. We had 25 votes and had to send 10 more songs packing! The results were:

Thinking Bout Somethin (21) vs Wait Here For you (4)
Thinking of You (21) vs You’re Enough (4)
Penny and Me (21) vs More Than Anything (4)
Being Me (6) vs Sure About It (19)
If Only (23) vs So Lovely (1)
Lucy (15) vs Your Illusion (9)
Broken Angel (11) vs With You In Your Dreams (14)
Yearbook (11) vs Dancing In The Wind (13)
Never Love Again (9) vs Make It Out Alive (16)
Look At You (10) vs Man From Milwaukee (15)

Our winners will compete against each other in Round 3A coming up in a few weeks!

Round 2C voting will be posted shortly after midnight EST! Tell your friends to vote – we’d like to try and get 30+ votes this week!

The bracket has been updated for those of you who are keeping track:

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