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By | March 26, 2011

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One word shot them to stardom…MMMBop.

“‘MMMBop’ is part of our history. It’s part of the evolution of our band” says Zac Hanson, the youngest member of the boy band, Hanson, who was in Fort Wayne today performing.

As teens, Hanson stole the hearts of young girls. Now all grown up, Zac Taylor and Isaac are still making girls swoon.

Dozens of women in their 20s and 30s lined up hours before at Majic 95.1’s concert at Duty’s tonight to get a chance to her the guys sing.

“I think it’s the ultimate compliment to have fans stick with you for years. I mean music changes just like people do” says Taylor.

The three brothers have been playing music for nearly two decades. The guys grew up in Oklahoma listening to The Beatles and the Jackson Five. They attribute the 60s and 70s for song inspiration.

“I think that attitude and that feel is probably one of the main things that we kind of cling to it’s not sitting around and going ‘we want our music to sound like this” Zac told FOX Fort Wayne.

Hanson hit the big times with their debut album ‘Middle of Nowhere.’
Since then, they’ve released four other studio albums, including their latest “Shout It Out.”

The group’s definitely undergone some changes over the years, including now having shorter, darker hair.

“When we’re out in the sun or running around it goes blonde. It’s the adult blonde” jokes Taylor.

And in addition to the physical makeovers all three are now married with children. Sorry ladies.

But, what they say hasn’t changed is the focus and inspiration behind each and every song.

“We continue to be focusing on making music that inspires us. We’ll start out next project and I don’t know, always focus on the creative juices that keep us going” says Zac.

“Shout It Out” is available in stores now.
Hanson will also be featured on Majic’s Miracle CD, benefiting Riley Hospital.
That’s set to be released in November.

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