Song vs Song Round 1H Results

By | March 14, 2011

Round 1 of Song vs Song is finally over. I hope to have an updated bracket posted within the next couple of days. (If I don’t, feel free to leave comments pestering me about it)

Here are the results for Round 1H. Round 2A will begin at midnight.

Smile (11) vs Worlds On Fire (10)
All I Have to Give (7) vs Lullabelle (13)
Wheres The Love (20) vs In The Road (0)
When Youre Gone (12) vs Give a Little (8)
An Evening At The Big Top (2) vs A Song To Sing (18)
Coming Back For More (5) vs Got A Hold On Me (14)
Refresh (0) vs Been There Before (20)
Waiting For This (15) vs River (5)
Out Of My Head (13) vs Stories (6)
All This Love Crap (8) vs We All Know (10)

3 thoughts on “Song vs Song Round 1H Results

  1. SwedishChick

    Will the voting still be done on the forums, or through the blog? And what time zone are you in? (Apparently not Eastern, or voting would have commenced by now!) Just eager to vote! 🙂

    1. Katie

      We are on EST but WordPress is on some sort of hybrid of EST and Hanson time. 😉


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