Hanson Is Back

By | February 3, 2011

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Do you still remember the trio of Hanson who was popular with the song MMMbop? After 14 years away, now they are back again to shake the world of entertainment. Three brothers from Oklahoma, which consists of: Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson, won fame in 1997 with the single. The plan they will hold a series of tours during the summer in London. The return them to the world of music is marked with their concert at London’s 100 Club, yesterday. This is their first appearance before the public since 14 years ago.

“We are very proud that after 14 years of career, we could be here anymore,” said Taylor, keybordis Hanson, this, quoted by Contact Music, Thursday (02/03/2011).

“We are now working to project through the comeback tour. We will work again by Hanson, “he said.

In their performance in London yesterday, they brought the songs that became hits them like MMMbop and Where’s The Love? In front of their fans. Already 8 albums they produce, the last album, ‘Shout It Out’ was released in 2010 yesterday. Well, the finally come back after so long time. They seem to not be afraid of other popular bands in the world just like Jonas Brothers or Good Charlotte and Paramore.

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