Tuesday Topic Recap

By | January 15, 2011

Last week we asked, once again, what your favorite 5 of 5 DVD was (hoping that now most fans who were waiting for the holidays to receive their DVD set now have them!)

The most votes went to “I can’t choose a favorite” and I can see how that won – the DVD sets are just so well done that it is really hard to choose, even if you do have a favorite album, as they are just all so unique!

In second place was The Walk, the 4th night of the series. Tied for third place was I don’t have the set, Middle of Nowhere, This Time Around and Underneath.

Shockingly, Shout It Out came in dead last with only 6% (1 vote)

I must note that we did have some technical difficulties with the poll in the beginning and had to reset it after several votes had been cast and I am not sure if those who had voted before the reset voted once the issues were fixed, so these results might be skewed just a bit. (Not that any of our polls are scientific – we are just looking for something fun to discuss!)

One thought on “Tuesday Topic Recap

  1. jasmine84

    tbh I don’t like the SIO DVD as much as the others. The music is new so you don’t hear fans singing along as much, and my brother who is a complete classical music nerd said the sound quality didn’t seem to be as good on SIO as the others. Maybe because more instruments were going through the mix?

    My fave is the Walk, mainly for the Tearing it Down/Something Going round, the band-fan interaction is AMAZING.


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