Lyrics: Too Young To Kill

By | September 21, 2010

It was only a case of passion spurned
We were only sixteen when the crime occurred
We fled the scene in a stolen truck
And we got away, beginner’s luck

We hit the road as the sun came up
Seven hundred miles by the time we stopped
After that night it was all downhill
I was too young to kill

Her father said our love would never last
And what you’re feeling now soon will pass
And Jenny’s got a plan to finish school
So you better give it up now, you little fool

Well he timed his fist and my face he struck
Jenny yelled “No!” as I tried to get up
I pulled my gun and his face went pale
Son, you’re too young to kill

So we got away Scott-free
So we thought
And outside Santa Fe is where we got caught
And as Jenny stepped in front of me
Well a shot rang out
She fell to her knees

Got my diploma at the county jail
Only eighteen but I’ve written my will
Headline read in the Daily Mail, he’s too young to kill
He’s too young to kill

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