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Upcoming aLive streams

TONIGHT 9:20 PM MEMBERS ONLY BACKSTAGE PASS – Join HANSON as they perform tonight’s show LIVE from San Francisco beginning at approximately 9:20pm PT (12:20am ET/11:20pm CT/10:20pm MT)! Sep22 Take The Walk in Portland 4:45 PM TAKE THE WALK with HANSON in Portland! The walk will start from the venue at 4:45pm PT. Come join us! Sep22 aLive… Read More »

Lyrics: Live Forever

You won’t live forever And this won’t last very long A life begins with lust Light is on, you must And on that day you are a child But nothing else above Find the ones you love They might save you when you’re old Live the way you must But it’s twenty-one or bust You only get one… Read More »

Lyrics: Too Young To Kill

It was only a case of passion spurned We were only sixteen when the crime occurred We fled the scene in a stolen truck And we got away, beginner’s luck We hit the road as the sun came up Seven hundred miles by the time we stopped After that night it was all downhill I was too young… Read More »

Lyrics: Ordinary Words

Listen to me now And try to hear my words I’m gonna tell the truth Even if it hurts And you don’t understand me And I can’t make you whole I’ve been too demanding That’s why I’ve got to go Oh Still we keep on pushing, pushing ’til there’s nothing left And everything you say is something we… Read More »

Lyrics: Bad Solution

Oh yeah Well you’ve got to move it Or you’re gonna lose it Time won’t always be there on your side Well you’ve got to choose it If you’re gonna prove it Change is gonna come you can’t deny What I want to know is what choice you’re gonna make ‘Cause every good debate has a bad solution,… Read More »

Lyrics: This Is The Jam

This is the jam And I don’t know where we’re going I don’t want to take a stand I just want to be who I am This is my jam And I don’t care if you’re listening I don’t want to rock the boat I just want to rock and roll Now it’s my turn to roll Now… Read More »

Welcome Elle & Winona to the staff!

We have extended invitations for 4 applicants to work on the “past openers” portion of the blog. So far 2 have accepted and I would like for you all to welcome Elle and Winona to the staff! Here is a little about them: My name is Elle I’m 27 and I live in Jacksonville, Florida. I teach Kindergarten… Read More »

Band of Brothers

In This Week Thirteen years ago, there were three longhaired brothers that took over MTV, radio stations, Billboard charts, and the walls of young girls across the world. These three boys brought with them songs like, “MMMBop” and “Where’s the Love” and were too precious to be ignored, at least by most of the population. There were however,… Read More »

Taylor at MY HOME

My Home Darfur MY HOME, a new exhibit by i-ACT, takes you through children’s journeys, a walk from a home that was destroyed—where family and friends were killed, and which now is only in their memories—to a home that is supposed to be temporary—where they stand in lines for handouts, and which gives them a new name: refugee.… Read More »