Venue offers range of bands

By | September 1, 2010

Gonzaga Bulletin

Finishing off September are two acts that completely differ, yet appeal to everyone. Hanson (Yes, the “MmmBop” Hanson) will be selecting songs from their new album, “Shout It To the Moon,” which is an “R&B-flavored pop-rock homage to what Hanson is inspired by,” to play for the crowd at the Knitting Factory. The next night, making one of his two to three regular trips to Spokane is Tech N9ne. Known for his songs “I’m a Playa” and “Caribou Lou,” Tech N9ne will be playing with seven other hip-hop/rap artists, including E-40, who is known for his 2006 single “Tell Me When To Go.”

(HansonTickets note: This one was just too funny to not post)

2 thoughts on “Venue offers range of bands

  1. Alecia

    “Shout It To The Moon”? Wow…I didn’t realize it was that hard to get the title right, haha.

    Good one! 🙂


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