Daily Archives: July 28, 2010

Tues., Aug. 3: The other brother band, Hanson, returns to Music City

Tune In Music City Hanson — that trio of “MMMBop”-ing brothers who’ve grown up before our very eyes — have seven children between them. Seven! That’s how old we all are. But over the span of time since 1997 breakout Middle of Nowhere, the band has scraped the bubblegum off their shoes and settled into harmless, classic-leaning pop/soul… Read More »

One on One: Isaac Hanson “Shouts It Out”

New Raleigh The majority of New Raleigh readers likely remember the Hanson brothers as being cute little tweeners mmm bopping their way to the top of the charts well over a decade ago. And a good portion of our readers were also probably old enough to not get caught up in that whole boy band craze (I myself… Read More »

Setlist 7/27/10 Sayreville, NJ

1 Waiting for This / Watch Over Me / Rock N Roll Razorblade / In The City Medley 2 Make It Out Alive 3 Thinking Of You 4 And I Waited 5 Minute Without You 6 Kiss Me When You Come Home 7 Thinking Bout Somethin Acoustic 8 Georgia 9 I Will Come To You 10 Use Me… Read More »

Hanson Hits the Hat Factory

Richmond.com It’s hard to single out the most impressive quality about Hanson. Brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac have been an intact musical unit for the better part of two decades. Their breakout single, “MMMBop,” still sounds as fizzy and fun as it did with its 1997 release. And somehow they’ve managed to weather label changes and a public’s… Read More »