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Hanson’s Shout It Out tour comes to Asheville

Mountain Xpress Pop band Hanson, who rose to fame in the 1990s, are still going strong. But now the three brothers — Isaac, Taylor and Zac — are all grown up (youngest, Zac was a pre-teen when the band’s hit “MMMBop” charted; this year he and his wife had their second son) and, though still pop-savvy, have more… Read More »

The 'MMMBop' guys are all grown up

St Louis Today While you weren’t looking, the members of Hanson grew up. The brothers, who scored a hit in 1997 with the irresistible “MMMBop,” are all in their 20s now — guitarist Isaac Hanson is 29, keyboardist Taylor is 27 and drummer Zac is 24 — and are family men, to boot. They’ve continued to make records… Read More »

All grown up, Hanson plays Orange Peel behind new CD

Citizen Times ASHEVILLE – “Waiting for This,” the opening track on Hanson’s new album, came to life in Asheville before the band’s 2008 show at The Orange Peel, according to guitarist and older brother Isaac Hanson. “I clearly remember starting to feel good about the song at that venue,” he said. “We played it during sound check. It… Read More »

Concert Review: Hanson

Richmond.com Hey, you remember Hanson? You know … three brothers (who some say looked like girls) that “MMMBopped” their way into every 14-year-old’s heart back in 1997? Yeah, them. They’re back! This time they’re older, more musically diverse, and definitely look like boys (err, men). Their new 36-date-tour “Shout It Out” is piggybacking off the release of their… Read More »

Hanson, Rooney

IndyWeek.com Earworm probably wasn’t yet a valid term, but Hanson’s international smash of a single, “MMMBop,” was nonetheless the earwormiest single of the late ’90s. It was a slice of jump-rope pop so perfectly constructed for dual captivation and aggravation you’d swear Super K Productions was behind it. Hearing how “MMMBop” sounds 13 years down the road might… Read More »