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Hey Gary!

Hanson has received a bit of mainstream attention for their latest single “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’,” whose video features an appearance by “Weird Al” Yankovic, but it hasn’t yet translated into substantial radio airplay. I also find it odd how huge the act was in its heyday and what relatively little attention its music seems to receive now.

Can you please run down the sales figures for Hanson’s albums since the group released its debut set “Middle of Nowhere” in 1997?


Jay Lewis
Los Angeles, California

Hi Jay,

The members of Hanson have certainly grown up since topping the Hot 100 for three weeks in 1997 with “MmmBop” before all three brothers were even in their teens.

Isaac Hanson is now 29, Taylor is 27 and Zach is 24.

The general public may remember Hanson mostly from its bubblegum debut hit and not as much for a solid history of releases since. Find out more on the band’s latest activity in Gary Graff’s recent billboard.com exclusive profile of the trio.

Hanson’s eighth studio album, “Shout It Out,” was released Tuesday (June 8). Billboard estimates that the set could debut in the Billboard 200’s top 40.

“We wanted to make an upbeat record,” says Isaac Hanson of the new set. “This is probably the most upbeat record we’ve done, period. I think we’re saying that you can have a heart and compassion for others and do good things in your life, and at the same time dance in the street.”

Here is a look at the sales of Hanson’s eight charted albums to date on the Billboard 200, according to Nielsen SoundScan:

Sales, Album Title, Year of Release, Billboard 200 Peak
4,012,000, “Middle of Nowhere,” 1997, No. 2
1,076,000, “Snowed In,” 1997, No. 7
629,000, “3 Car Garage: the Indie Recordings ’95-’96, 1998, No. 6
359,000, “Live From Albertane,” 1998, No. 32
279,000, “This Time Around,” 2000, No. 19
140,000, “Underneath,” 2004, No. 25
53,000, “The Walk,” 2007, No. 56
32,000, “The Best of Hanson: Live and Electric,” 2005, No. 182

Hanson has sold 6,639,000 albums in its career, according to SoundScan.

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