Hanson Releases New Record Into The World; World Says, ‘Really? Hanson?’

By | June 8, 2010


Much like the Flat Earth Society, Hanson is still hanging in there, despite the fact that they are, well, Hanson, and that the round earth has roundly (get it? Round!) rejected them several times over for the horrors they released upon us all mid-nineties. Despite all of that, today marks the release of their eighth record, the pop-soul hybrid Shout it Out. The disc was released on the band’s own 3CG Records

Note: I’m not sure if was the “eighth record” part, or the fact that I wrote the words “soul” and “Hanson” in the same paragraph, but I’ve just been asked to put a warning label on this news piece: “May cause aneurysms.”

The band will be featured on the also-incredibly-excellent Lopez Tonight (again, aneurysms, warning) before hitting The Today Show as well as the road as they plan to tour all summer long in an effort to boost sales of their self-released new disc as well as play The Song That Will Not Be Named. You know the one. I won’t type it out, if only because I’m tired of writing aneurysm warnings (and beating jokes like a dead horse).

What do you think of Hanson releasing a new record?