5 of 5 restream discounts

By | June 3, 2010

The following discounts are available if you purchase them during the re-stream of 5 of 5 (8pm EST)

Save 20% when you pre-order the Deluxe album package

Save $5 when joining Hanson.net!

Save $10 when you pre-order the 5 of 5 DVD Set
Experience the the first thirteen years of HANSONs music performed live in one package. This set includes 5 DVD’s recorded during HANSON’s legendary 5 of 5 performance in April 2010, the best of 5 live CD aswell as over 1.5 hours of behind the scenes interviews.

* Night 1 Middle Of Nowhere Live DVD
* Night 2 This Time Around Live DVD
* Night 3 Underneath Live DVD
* Night 4 The Walk Live DVD
* Night 5 Shout it Out Live DVD
* Best of 5 compilation Live CD (Only available with the DVD set)
* Along with the DVD’s, you will also receive a 5 of 5 commerative ticket.
* included: over 1.5 hours of behind the scenes interview footage.

This is a pre-order item that will not ship until NOVEMBER 2010.

NOTE: Any items purchased at the same time as this product will not ship until November 2010.

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