First she was "Pretty In Pink;" now Molly Ringwald wants to help you in "Getting The Pretty Back"

By | April 28, 2010

This week, the Today show has been bringing back blasts from the pop culture past. Yesterday, it was brother-band Hanson on the show promoting their new album “Shout It Out,” which comes out in June.

You remember Hanson — Issac, Taylor and Zac: They first rose to fame in the ’90s when they were just teenagers (“Mmmbop,” anyone? Whether I like it or not, that song is part of the soundtrack of my childhood. Watch the video below and be transported back to 1997) and all 3 brothers are now married and have 7 kids between them.

And today, the Today show had Molly Ringwald, the Brat Pack-er who charmed us in ’80s John Hughes films like “Pretty In Pink”, “The Breakfast Club” and “Sixteen Candles.” (I totally had the poster of her sitting on the table with Jake Ryan and the birthday cake in my college apartment).

Now in her 40s, the actress who now stars on ABC Family’s “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” has written a book on dealing with the 40-something angst: “Getting The Pretty Back: Friendship, Family, and Finding the Perfect Lipstick.”

It’s got to be tough being forever immortalized as a teen idol in the minds of the public. Some would (and have) crumbled under the pressure of having their famous past image follow them.

But Ringwald told Meredith Viera that she’s avoided pitfalls because she’s a survivor. She looks great and stressed the importance of recharging her batteries to help her be a better mom.

Though some of us may not have climbed some of the mountains she has — motherhood, 40s and stardom — I bet we could take a page from her book. Who doesn’t want to get and keep their pretty (or handsome)?

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