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April 24th – NYC

By | March 29, 2010

If you are getting to NYC early for the 5 of 5 and want another awesome band to check out on Saturday night – be sure to get tickets to see Honor Society (with appearances by Just Kait and Ashlyne Huff) at the Nokia in Times Square! Tickets are roughly $30 and the show will… Read More »

Mention: New River Parks eatery open for business

By | March 29, 2010

Tulsa World New River Parks eatery open for business Elwood’s Cafe is a satellite of the upcoming Blue Rose Restaurant. Pat Quinn is served a beer Tuesday by Susan Allen at Elwood’s Cafe near 19th Street and Riverside Drive. Elwood’s is open daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. TOM GILBERT/Tulsa World By P.J. LASSEK… Read More »

NYC TV shows

By | March 26, 2010

Took this from Time Out New York’s March 25-31 issue. It lists a bunch of TV shows which film in NYC for anyone going to 5 of 5 who might be interested. Get on set without the wait Mug for the camera, hang with Snoop Dogg and score lavish swag while those poor saps wait… Read More »

'90s teen idols, where are they now?

By | March 26, 2010 The Hanson Brothers. Zac, Tyler, and Isaac. Ahh, our memories of “Mmmbop” will never ever go away (and we have to admit, we still rock out to it). So where is this adorable trio these days??? Zac, Taylor, and Isaac have all met their dream girls and are happily married. Isaac has one girl,… Read More »

Mention: Bieber's sophomore album falls short

By | March 25, 2010

The Daily Campus There has always been teenybopper pop. Growing up in the days of Dreamstreet, it makes sense that I have a special spot in my heart for the tunes of the newest pre-teen dream, Justin Bieber. But that spot is small – and is decreasing in size after checking out his newest album,… Read More »

This Week At Hnet

By | March 25, 2010

This week at HNET! Shout It Out Pre-sale! Pre-order one of the Shout it Out special edition packages today! Only available on! Shout It Out Gold and Platinum Are Limited! Because of manufacturing constraints, we can only guaranty the availability of the Shout It Out Gold and Platinum Packages, until April 20th. After that… Read More »

Article: Your Random Weekend Memo

By | March 19, 2010

USA Today Next week, the Top 11 Idols tackle the music of Teen Idols. I had hoped that iTunes would have a Teen Idol-themed playlist by now — much as they did for Rolling Stones night — but no such luck. So I’ve got no idea how narrowly or broadly the show’s producers are defining… Read More »