Article: Hanson To Shout It Out This Summer

By | April 7, 2010

Hanson are excited to announce the release of their new album, Shout it Out, on June 8th, 2010! Also, you can catch a preview of “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin,'” the first single for the album, right NOW on PopEater.

An infectious collection of finely crafted, R&B-flavored pop-rock, Shout it Out is an homage to the music that inspired the band when they first started out. “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin'” hits iTunes on April 27th, with a music video coming soon that recreates a much-loved scene of the classic The Blues Brothers and stars a cast of over 300 extras in the band’s hometown of Tulsa, OK – along with a guest appearance by none other than “Weird Al” Yankovic.

In celebration of the release of their fifth studio album, Hanson will be playing a stint of long-sold out shows at New York City’s Blender Theater from April 26th through the 30th – the 5 of 5 series. They’re playing each of their studio albums in entirety, capped off with the premiere performance of Shout it Out! It’s gearing up for a truly huge summer for Hanson, and this is just the start of everything the band has in store.

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