A look back: the best teen heartthrobs with the worst hair

By | March 27, 2010

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Three blonde brothers sang a song with no real words and it became a number one hit in 27 countries. We never found out what “MMMBop” meant, but when the boys chopped off their hair the world stopped caring.
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Often times teen idols are as famous for their hair as their body of work. Take, for example, newcomer Justin Bieber. In a recent interview, a reporter asked how he creates his signature style. “I’d love to be able to say it was complicated, but I’m just chilling,” said Bieber. “My hair takes five minutes to do in the morning. I shower and as soon as I get out I just shake it and it just does that. For real.” [People]

This got us thinking about all the teen heartthrobs of yesteryear and their memorable, awesomely bad hair. Take a walk down memory lane with us through this tribute to the guys we loved, and the hair they loved more.

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