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Article: Decoding Siobhan Magnus' Style

By | March 12, 2010

Los Angeles Times Entertainment Among the zaniest contestants we met at the Top 12 party? Siobhan Magnus, whose self-styled look featured an assortment of symbols and embellishments, each with a deeply personal meaning. We had the 19-year-old Cape Cod native break it down for us. The Ink: Siobhan currently boasts three tattoos. On her right… Read More »

Article: Weekend in Tulsa a dream come true

By | March 12, 2010

EMC Ottawa South EMC Editorial – So, what did you do last weekend? Me? Not much, just flew to Tulsa, OK to dance in my favourite band’s music video. True story. It was probably one of the most spontaneous decisions I’ve ever made, and quite possibly one of the best. Last Friday, my partner in… Read More »