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By | March 5, 2010

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On Saturday, Tulsa pop, rock and soul act Hanson will shoot dance and other sequences for an upcoming video release of its new single, “Thinking About Something” from their upcoming album “Shout it Out,” sources confirm.

Greenwood Avenue (100 N. Greenwood Ave.), between Cameron Street and Archer Street, will be closed 7 a.m.-7 p.m. on Saturday, confirmed Sgt. Skipper Bain of the Tulsa Police Police Department.

The video shoot is scheduled from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Bain confirmed in an email to the Tulsa World.

Families are welcome to attend, enjoy and be a part of this music video shoot, the email said. Learn more about the video shoot at, here.

Drivers and pedestrians who are not coming to watch or participate in this event should avoid this area.

The album is set for release June 1.

The band has been recruiting dancers and video participants from its exclusive fan club community.

For the new album, Hanson brothers Zac, Taylor and Isaac have recruited Motown, R&B and pop heavies to help.

Said Taylor Hanson recently to Rolling Stone: β€œThe album title stood
out early on in the record process as a phrase that helped put all those elements into one simple statement.”

It was recorded in El Paso, Tulsa and Hollywood.

To imbue the influences of their youth — Billy Joel, Steve Winwood, Motown and others — they’ve recruited influential Michael Jackson horn and pop music arranger Jerry Hey and Motown funk bassist Bob Babbitt as guests.

“The record is built like a lot of records from ’60s and ’70s,” Taylor Hanson told Rolling Stone. “From the beginning of the writing process, it felt like the kind of record we could have old school horn parts on.”

The three-time Grammy-nominated trio of brothers brothers formed Hanson, a garage band, as pre-teens in Tulsa in the mid-1990s. All three play piano. Today, Zac predominantly plays drums and Isaac plays lead guitar. The act has sold millions of albums since its youthful debut at the downtown Mayfest arts and music festival in 1992.

Watch a blog video from showing dancer auditions, here.

Fans who can’t be there have also set up their own Twitter search keyword to help chronicle the event: #shoutitout.

Read more from this Tulsa World article at

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