This week at Hnet

By | January 15, 2010

This week at HNET
5 of 5 public ticket on sale 1/22/2010

We are very excited about the response to the 5 of 5 concert series. All of the members-only ticket packages have sold out, and there are only a very limited number of tickets left that will be sold to the public. On January 22nd at 12pm EST the public tickets will go on sale for the 5 of 5 concert series. Tickets are limited, so don’t wait or you might be too late.
New Valentines Day Items

With Valentines Day just around the corner, we are releasing some new items in the store which are listed below. HANSON chocolates will be returning this year, but with a new twist. We are roasting another batch of the “Kikombe cha kutoa” coffee as well as re-stocking some popular items from Christmas. Check out the items going up in the store this week, and make sure to send the HANSON fan in your life a little love!

HANSON Logo Charm
“Carry You There” Scarf in Turquoise (Members Only)
“Carry You There” Scarf in Raspberry (New Item)
“I Heart HANSON” Belgian Chocolates (New Item)
Kikombe cha kutoa Coffee
“I Heart HANSON” Mug (New Item)

Order before February 9th to receive your items in time for Valentines Day.

Valentine’s Day gift wrapping available for the following items: Turquoise scarf, Raspberry scarf, Olive green scarf, HANSON Charm, I Heart HANSON mug
5 of 5 + Bamboozle Hotel Package

We know there are a lot of members traveling to NYC for the 5 of 5 + Bamboozle concert series, so we will be helping book hotel rooms for our members. If you would like to take part in the Hotel Package please click here to submit the form.
From The Band

This week we go back into the studio to do some more recording (more songs!). We are also deeply entrenched in working on the release plans and packaging for the new album. We are trying to make the act of listening to this new album something a little more immersive then just hitting play on your MP3 player. Whether it’s that special pair of headphones you listen with, or the LP and record player that adds to the whole vibe of the new album, we want to do more then just put out another plastic disc.

This year marks a decade from the release of This Time Around and eighteen years that HANSON has been a band. By combining things like the 5 of 5 concerts with live streaming content and a new album…I get the feeling this will be one of our best years yet. Isaac Taylor and Zac

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