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Article: Keeping it In the Family

FemaleFirst ‘Munkday’ the 21st of December sees the release of Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 The Squeakquel, which brings back our favourite furry brothers, Alvin, Simon and Theodore. In case you didn’t know, the trio comprises a rodent pop sensation, so to celebrate the release, we present ‘Keeping it in the Family’ – a comprehensive low-down of music-making… Read More »

Article: Listen Up: The Best Christmas Album Ever

Paste Magazine I’m about to make my annual December pilgrimage to Ikea and then peace out for two weeks of pretty intense holidaying-it-up, so let’s not mince words: Hanson’s Snowed In is the best Christmas album ever. Perhaps you disagree. Perhaps you know of one more pious, more technically proficient, less pubescent. That’s fine. I encourage you to… Read More »

Bands With Brothers: From Love — to Love to Hate As Cain and Abel could tell you, it ain’t always easy for famous siblings to get along. Between artistic temperaments, egos, money, fame and temptation, it’s a wonder the bonds of brotherly love can ever survive rock ‘n’ roll. Here’s a ranking of our favorite brother bands — from saccharine-sweet bromance to stage-brawling near-fratricide. Hanson You think… Read More »

This Week At HNet

This week at HNET From The Band As we come to the end of 2009 we want to take a moment to thank all of you who came out to the Use Your Sole Tour, and took part in The Walk Around The World Campaign. It was great to play new music for all of you and keep… Read More »


NYPress Good news for those of you who didn’t get their fill of Hanson in 1997: the band is planning to release a fifth album this spring and play at The Bamboozle Festival. This is fantastic considering the fact that these kids are most remembered for making annoying music (how long was that one track, which will remain… Read More »


FIVE CONSECUTIVE CONCERTS AT NEW YORK’S GRAMERCY THEATER, EACH CONCERT FEATURING ONE OF THE BAND’S FOUR PREVIOUS ALBUMS IN THEIR ENTIRETY, AND THE PREMIER OF THEIR UPCOMING SPRING 2010 RELEASE New York, December 15th 2009, three time Grammy nominated independent artists, HANSON today announced that they will be performing at The Bamboozle festival on Saturday May 1st. Leading… Read More »

Article: It began with Y2K

Tulsa World Editor’s Note: This month the Tulsa World will look back at the top stories of the past 10 years, culminating with in-depth analysis and top-10 lists on Sunday, Dec. 27. In the meantime, here are some of the stories we remember from 2000: Hanson rides fame wave. Tulsa’s Hanson ends the ’90s on a high note… Read More »

Hanskeys Dolls Not Ready for Holidays

I received the following letter in the mail today from Zac, I am sorry to say that there has been a manufacturing delay on the Hanskeys vinyl dolls. With new items like this there are often unforeseen details and issues that can slow the manufacturing process down, but we think it is important to make sure that each… Read More »

Article: All In The Family

DIGMagazine Hanson was recently mentioned in an article about indie OC rock band “Moostache” Think the Jonas Brothers without the Jonas part and Hanson without the “MMMbop” part, actually Moostache doesn’t really sound like either of those brotherly pop “bands.” Though young, the boys of Moostache have more of a classic rock feel than Top 40, drawing from… Read More »