House Of Blues Guard Arrested After Attacking Concertgoer

By | October 15, 2009


A security guard at the Chicago House Of Blues has been arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge after shoving a concert attendee to the ground—apparently because she took a picture of him. The victim and a clutch of friends were waiting outside the venue Monday night in hopes of catching members of Hanson going back to their tour bus after their show there, and had her camera confiscated by the guard shortly after he ordered them to clear out of the loading area.

A video posted to Buzznet that starts mid-altercation—apparently it started with a shouting match—shows the guard repeatedly shoving the woman after taking her camera. The video is long, chaotic, and confusing, and frankly kind of scary when the guard demands that the young woman apologize to him. While holding her down. Ugh. For their part, flacks for House Of Blues owners Live Nation told the Chicago Sun-Times:

“We take our responsibility to maintain the safety of both our patrons and the artists who play at the House of Blues very seriously. We are looking into the incident and will cooperate fully with the authorities.”

Not much else to say, except that I hope they’re serious about that.

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