I knew it would happen…

By | June 24, 2009

The Atlanta Braves pitcher, Tommy Hanson, had a nice outing last night. As I was listening to the sports on SNY last night, I was wondering how many google alerts I would get for “mmmbop” that would be about the pitcher.

The first one just came through: “MMMBop! Hanson stifles Yankee batters” is the title of the blog post on Subway Squawkers.

In other news, the Strong Enough To Break presale is now well under way. Head on over to hanson.net to reserve your copy of the DVD, which includes a bonus CD of demos (where Never Love Again was originally listed as being include, and now is not, what gives?) and a complimentary copy of Underneath – the album that resulted from all the record label drama that Strong Enough To Break shows.

Tour dates are still planning on being posted “this week” which could mean, well, anything. HansonTickets.com’s revamp will most likely NOT be premiering before the dates are out – but should be debuting before the start of the tour, at least. Currently, the Tour Talk forum is the only place with an up to date list of what I am looking for, but expect an update to the “help” page soon, which will either also be posted here, or linked here.

If there’s anything else you think should be added to the site – let me know!

4 thoughts on “I knew it would happen…

  1. Subway Squawkers

    Hi there -thanks for the linkage. I would have come up with another Hanson song which might have been more applicable, but I just know the one!

    1. hansontickets

      It really saves me so much time – I don’t have to bother doing the searching myself – and sometimes really interesting things get posted.


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