2009 Members Kit Lyrics: Devil’s Nachos

By | June 17, 2009

Devil’s Nachos (2007)
(Z. Hanson)

I met the Devil at the Taco Bell
Said how ya doing how’s it burning in hell
He said hot damn give me a chance
I’ll show you boy why the demons dance
Stop short and give me your price
I see the fire that is burning in your eyes
He said listen son I’ll sell it to you cheap
Sell you a bowl for the price of your soul

Devil’s Nachos
Too Hot
Devil’s Nachos
Way Too Hot

He put the bowl on the table
Said take a bite if you think you’re able
To bear the heat of a burning sun
In your stomach till kingdom come
Right then
I stood straight
And took a chip
In my hand
And put the thing
On my tongue
And felt the tingle of my taste buds

Devil’s Nachos
Too Hot
Devil’s Nachos
Way Too Hot

I leaned close
So he could hear
Every word
Very clear
They’re not hot
They’re not warm
They don’t sting
They don’t burn
I won’t sign on the dotted line
Cause the contract says that I’ll burn till the end of time
Hell must be frozen through
Cause you’re not the devil that I thought I knew

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