Zac Answering Questions

By | April 16, 2009


I have been getting a lot of PM’s with questions about the next members only event, when the next tour will be a other things of that nature so I thought I would write some of my answers in a more public place so everyone can know what is going on.

1. When will the Guide to Tulsa be put up on
A. I am planning on putting it up at the beginning of next month. We will probably put it out when we send out the newsletter on the 1st.

2. When will the details for the promised summer member’s event be released?
A. Our original plan was to do this in conjunction with a summer tour, but our plans have changed a little and now we will not be touring till the fall. It is looking like we will not be doing the next members event tell sometime in September.

3. When will SETB be coming out?
A. SETB is almost ready to go to manufacturing. We are still planning on putting it out in the spring, but it is looking like it will be sometime late May, too early June at this point. One of the reasons it has been pushed back is because we keep adding content to it. We will be announcing the final content DVD/CD content soon.

4. When will the new version of be going live?
A. Soon… Before the new album comes out… Yes I am being vague

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