2009 Members Kit

By | April 16, 2009

For each year’s membership kit we try to create something special for those of you who have been most passionate about our music, whether we write and record songs specifically for the purpose of the member kit, create in-depth videos about the making of an album, or in this case give you access to exclusive music created during a special songwriting event that we do each year called ‘Fools Banquet’. We are excited to let you inside and give you 5 special songs that have never been released, as well as tell you the stories of how they were created. Songs like Go, Running Man and Watch Over Me have come out of Fools Banquet over the years, and many more will come in the future. We hope you like this selection of songs from the last few years and their stories.

Track List:

1. I Can’t Wait
2. Wait Here For You
3. All I Have to Give
4. Take My Time
5. Devils’ Nachos

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