Hanson mention on NLL.com

By | February 11, 2009

Hanson was mentioned on NLL.com – that is National Lacrosse League. What?

For every ying, a yang. For every will, a way. For every stud, a dud.

Delby Powless and Pat Merrill are solid contributors but don’t stand up to the names mentioned above. Mark Miyashita was an average player before going MIA on Minnesota’s injured reserve list last March. Matt Shearer played well but never became the superstar many expected. And I’m not quite sure who Tim Langton and Brian Piccola are, but they appeared in a whopping 38 games over four seasons… combined. I would say think along the lines of MMMBop, but at least the prepubescent boys of Hanson had 1997 going for them.

Sometimes, though, you just know they’re something special.

Huh? Probably one of THE most random comparisons I’ve ever seen in my life LOL


Once again a hat tip to Google News Alert for finding me these gems which mention MMMBop.

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