Article: As Indie As You Wanna Be

By | November 13, 2008

Sunday 16
Brooklyn’s art-rock dance band Gang Gang Dance hits the floor at Casbah. With this year’s crit-hit Saint Dymphna, the quartet has settled the experimental sides into accessible pop-rock cuts. Check their Space takes for a taste — like Animal Collective without the tribal turns. With Rainbow Arabia and SQZMYLMNS in support, this should be a fun one Sunday night…. Bar Pink stages L.A. alt-pop quartet the Ruse and Oakland ambients Fauna Valetta…. Hanson’s “Walk Around the World” tour brings the Tulsa Mmmbop bros. to House of Blues…. Or meet the minimalists, with Woods, Wavves, and Christmas Island at Ché Café…and the Vaginals, Little Teeth, and Anasaziz at Ruby Room.


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