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Hanson Performs Live on WGN

In case you missed Hanson’s performance yesterday or were out of market – it has been posted at WGN’s Website Taylor, Zac and Isaac Hanson topped the U.S. charts in 1997 with the infectious “MmmBop.” Now, Hanson is all grown up and taking their music into their own hands, releasing an independent record. It’s called “The Walk”…and they… Read More »

Week at a glance

Sorry for the delay with this – I had some family business to attend to and couldnt update. Monday November 3 – Chicago, IL Walk – 3pm @ venue (2 miles!) Tuesday November 4 – Chicago, IL Walk – there will be no walk due to the election and the band not wanting to put an un needed… Read More »

Chicago 11/3/08

1. Something Goin Round 2. Wanna Take You Higher 3. Been There Before 4. Where’s the Love 5. Follow Your Lead 6. Great Divide Acoustic: 7. Take Our Chances 8. I Will Come to You 9. Lay Me Down 10. On the Rocks (Zac Solo) 11. Fire On The Mountain 12. Blue Sky 13. Can’t Stop 14. Cried… Read More »

Hope It Comes Soon Lyrics

Well I hope it comes now Well I hope it comes soon Well, I think it’s about time I stopped waiting for you, for you For you Well I hope it comes soon You know that there’s nowhere else to pass the buck this time We run every time it’s getting rough ‘Cause there is nowhere to hide… Read More »

Where Did It Start Lyrics

Where did it start? Why? But what does it matter? We’re far beyond the place that we started No time or mind to chase after fault When we know the time is so much of what’s lost To a child born something with something so wrong In his blood, a sickness, that pumps through his veins, through his… Read More »

Follow Your Lead Lyrics

Oh, I follow your lead, oh I follow your lead, oh I follow your lead, oh I follow your lead, oh I follow your lead, oh I follow your lead, you know I follow, through the crossroads Pick up your shoulders You are not a child Don’t need no natural born soldiers It’s not that kind of fight… Read More »

Lay Me Down Lyrics

I’ll never walk away from this Or pull you to closely to my chest With a father’s breaking heart I’ll walk you one last time into the dark There are no reasons to explain A silent killer bears no blame There are no answers though I pray I die though this is not my grave And I lay… Read More »