HTP Episode Guide

Hanson Time Podcast (HTP) debuted on Hanson Day in 2020.  It was started during the pandemic as a way to still interact with fans as well as celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Community and the This Time Around album.  It initially was a weekly podcast and has since become a monthly podcast where one lucky member gets to ask the band questions (sometimes themed to a topic, sometimes not) and 2 members get to compete for the games. (Initially it was the 2 members competing themselves and more recently it has been Isaac v Taylor competing on the fans behalf)

Episode 1 – This Time Around
May 6, 2020

What’s On Your Mind?
Interviewer: Rebecca (Beck)
Considering that This Time Around was the album that kind of set in motion the chain of events for you becoming independent, if you could go back in time would you actually change anything about what was going on then? Would you have changed how the album was handled? Would you have done a world tour? Would you have changed any of the music? Would the album promotion have been any different?
Did you guys record any music with Rick [Ocasek] that is still on the back burner that you have maybe tucked away somewhere that we may hear in the future? Or was it just the songs that ended up on the album?
There were two different lead singles on the album. The US got This Time Around and the rest of the world got If Only, did you make that decision or was it made for you? Why was it made?
This Time Around was full of way more edgy lyrics than we got in Middle of Nowhere. Obviously everyone was a little bit older so that was bound to happen. For example in Runaway Run you’re talking about the shoes the girl was wearing with long black satin lace and in Sure About It did you see the man with the cocaine load, it’s for sale for the price of your soul, which is missing from the lyrics book. Was that on purpose?
Do you have any resentment about what was going on at that time? Have you been able to let go? Do you regret anything that happened then, do you wish that you’d maybe taken a tiny piece of that boy band pie?
After the success of Middle of Nowhere, did anyone go into recording This Time Around with a massive celebrity attitude? Were you demanding things like red skittles only? Were you demanding that the rooms be two degrees below freezing? Or did you ever pull a ‘do you know who I am?’
Song: Save Me

Episode 2 – Sound of Light
May 14, 2020

What’s On Your Mind?
Interviewer: Jessica
Sound of Light is a huge favorite and a huge reason for that is the collaborative spirit between you and the fans with the live recording at Hanson Day and adding the attendees to the CD jacket as part of the choir. When you initially sat down and began creating this record, can you discuss the how and the why? You decided to make a record with the fans and not just for the fans?
Speaking of playing member songs in the regular concerts, is there any connection, like creatively, between the Roller Coaster Love vibe and Anthem?
‘I can’t quit you’ – was that a shout out to anything?
The title track, Sound of Light, why Sound of Light was the last song in String Theory – does it carry a lot of weight for you? Or did it just fit with the symphony? What was that process like?
How do you decide who sings lead? There’s a huge debate on the forums about who sings lead, why, on which songs – is that the first thing you think about? Is the song created around a lead vocalist or how does that work?
What are you searching for right now?
Song: On and On

Episode 3 – Underneath
May 21, 2020

What’s On Your Mind?
Interviewer: Colleen
When you started making Underneath it was late 20001 – how do you think that affected your writing of Underneath and the tone of things?
When you talk about September 12th and that feeling of togetherness – that’s what I love about the Hanson fandom – that is that feeling. It’s so much about the connections that we experience.
What do you think at such a young age gave you that strength? What was the moment where you said, ‘we can do this’? And was it a collective decision or was it a source of contention between you?
Speaking of music and production and melody – how do you determine who sings what? Do you arm wrestle? Rock paper scissors?
In Strong Enough to Break you went to that amazing castle in France and I’m sure there was amazing food and fantastic acoustics and even better company. Do you have some stories you can share from there?
Song: When You’re Gone

Episode 4 – 2.0
May 28, 2020

What’s On Your Mind?
Interviewer: Carrie
How do you feel in 2020 about the struggles you went through?
How do you draw on particular emotion of losing somebody when you have this baby?
How do you pull yourself back up from the feeling of being way too low? How has that changed from when the song came out?
Song: Down

Episode 5 – In Real Life
June 5, 2020

What’s On Your Mind?
Interviewer: Carlotta
Is there any song you may have included or not included on an EP because they are directed to the community of fans that you have a long history with and can take more freedom in welcoming whatever comes when you’re writing it?
Are you a more ‘better days are coming’ person or are you compromised?
Song: Compromise

Episode 6 – Shout It Out
June 10, 2020

What’s On Your Mind?
Interview: Tova
Before Shout It Out you released The Walk that was a serious album. Shout It Out is upbeat and fun. How was that transition for you? What inspired you to cerate Shout It Out?
How do you feel about Stand Up Stand Up EP and Worlds On Fire songs resonating with what’s happening in the world and the US lately, but also what they stood for back then?
Would you ever do a flash mob again?
Shout It Out seems to be about celebrating who you are as musicians and as a band – can you say more about that?
What inspired you to write  Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’ and do you have any funny personal storis in the lyrics?
Can you tell us more about Use Me Up?
Song: Carry You There

Episode 7 – No Sleep for Banditos
June 18, 2020

What’s On Your Mind?
Interviewer: Lauren
If the title of your book is No Sleep For Banditos and the chapters are titles as the track names – what’s the book about?
What was the night time recording process like and how did that differ from the normal day?
You leave in some commentary – can you remember any other instances where you left something in because it works?
On String Theory you played different instruments on stage – is that something you came up with during the recording process or came up during the concept of String Theory?
In the title track, you write the lyric, where do you hide when you feel young – What are some of the things you do or places that bring you back to your youth?
What do you think you would have placed in a time capsule in 2012 during the time you were recording?
Song: No Sleep For Banditos

Episode 8 – ANTHEM
June 26, 2020

What’s On Your Mind?
Interviewer: Erin
Which song would you choose as your anthem for your season right now?
If you were creating this album right now at this point in your career, do you see yourself facing the same challenges as when you were initially working on it or would you be facing new ones?
Looking back at the songs created after Anthem to now, is there any that you’d love to put on this album?
Why did you choose Get the Girl Back as the single and not something less safe, like Lost Without You?
How does it feel knowing that Anthem is a fan favorite because it sounds and feels so much like This Time Around?
Song: Tragic Symphony

Episode 9 – In Color
July 2, 2020

What’s On Your Mind?
Interviewer: Chad
In Color came out in 2017 – where was your headspace? Where was your heard, mind and soul in 2017? That was a big year.
What was the genesis to the theme of In Color?
Talk about I Lift You Up
Talk about Ghost Writer
Do you have a disdain for massive corporations and the corporate elite?
Was the intent for I Don’t Want To Go Home to write the anthem for the Hanson community?
Getting more male fans involved
Song: Somebody that Wants to Love You


Episode 10 – The Walk
July 9, 2020

What’s On Your Mind?
Interviewer: Emma
When you first started writing the album, was it initially intended to be a statement on the AIDS crisis in Africa? Or did it become that through the creative process?
Did your experience in Africa have a negative or an undesired effect on the writing and recording process at all? Was anything there overwhelming to a point that you had to take a step back? Did it change the one of the album or any songs?
Do you consider Great Divide still to be specifically about the HIV AIDS crisis or do you find its lent itself to other causes or taken on new meaning?
Taylor, you said seeing the children living with a death sentence still wanting to dance when they heard music gave them a new perspective, do you have other outlooks to share?
Are there songs on the album you think fans interpret differently to how you intended? Or meanings that you think would surprise people?
Songs from The Walk tend to be played less live than other albums. Is there any reasoning behind that?
Are there certain inspirations you still draw from the songs on the album?
Song: Go

Episode 11 – CBIB Listening Party
July 15, 2020

The band plays the songs from the Members EP and talks a bit about them.

Episode 12 – Good Days
September 4, 2020

What’s On Your Mind?
Game Time
When Is Hanson Day?
Which popular video message app surpassed Twitter in 2016 with more than 150 Million daily users?
What weather condition is also a Hanson song name?
Interviewer: Holly
If all of the songs on CBIB were a breakfast food, what would Good Days be?
Hearing the song for the first time in covid lockdowns, helped remind me to enjoy the small moments in each day. Was the song written during lockdowns or has it been around for a while?
What is a moment that you have wanted to last forever?
Is there a moment you felt you let pass you by?
If Seymour Better Times, finally saw some Better Days, would would one of his Good Days look like?
Song: Sunny Day

Episode 13 – Live & Electric
September 11, 2020

What’s On Your Mind?
Game Time
Where was the Best of Hanson Live and Electric album recorded?
Which actor appeared in America Graffiti before starring in Star Wars?
Who designed the Hanson Symbol?
Which electronic musical instrument emits the eeriest of sounds and is the only instrument played without touching it?
Interviewer: Shona
How did you decide which tracks were the best and whether it was related to the performance or the recording quality or just the general flow of how you wanted the album to end up?
You recorded the album while you were on the Underneath tour, but then you also gave it its own tour – I’m curious about the decision that came to lead you to do it with its own tour?
What is the difference in your mindset and how you feel about first shows and last shows
What do you do with songs like MMMBop and This Time Around to keep them feeling energetic and keeping them interesting for yourselves even though you’ve played them a bajillion times?
Song: In A Little While

Episode 14 – Love Songs
September 18, 2020

What’s On Your Mind?
Game Time
When was the first time Hanson visited Mexico?
Award-winning AMC series Breaking Bad mostly takes place in which city?
What album was first to be released on 3CG Records?
Interviewer: Ashley
Do you find yourself seeking out love just more often in general?
How were you able to write about love when you were much younger and didn’t have as much to go off of?
How do you decide whether to make it a fast upbeat type of love song versus the mushy, gushy romantic type?
Are there any venues you have fallen in love with?
Outside of music, what do you truly love to do?
Song: Georgia

Episode 15 – Fools Gold
September 25, 2020

What’s On Your Mind?
Game Time
What color car does Penny drive in the Penny & Me Music video?
In which small city in Tennessee is home to the 700 acre farm that plays host to the arts and music festival Bonnaroo every June?
Where did Johnny go?
Which sweet melts in your mouth not in your hands?
Interviewer: Kinsey
Of all the fan club EPs, this one has the most number of songs that have not been played live. As in I Can’t Wait, All I Have To Give, and Take My Time. But Devil’s Nachos has been played twice and Wait Here For You once.
About Wait Here For You – the drum beat is 2 snares that sound like a train and there are allusions to trains, is that intentional?
This EP has a lot of geographical references – was that intentional?
What is Devil’s Nachos about?
If I knew you better, what would I ask you?
Song: All I Have to Give

Episode 16 – Snowed In
December 9, 2020

What’s On Your Mind?
Trivia Game
Who did Hanson face off against on Celebrity Death Match?
Which British comedian wrote, directed and starred in a BBC sitcom about daily life at Wenham Hogg paper company?
What is the car model parked outside of Tay’s Music Exchange in the Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’ music video?
Which 2014 album, 1989, had 3 singles reach number one on Billboard Hot 100?
Interviewer: Veronica
Which are your favorite Christmas songs to perform? And as adults, do they carry a different meaning or emotion now than they did when you were kids?
Do your family’s enjoy your Christmas albums as much as the fans do? What are your favorite holiday albums?
What is your ideal Snowed In day and which of you would win a snowman building contest?
How did you find time to record a Christmas album and what was that experience like?
On the streams what happened to the lyrics of Run Rudolph Run?
Song: My Favorite Christmas Sweater


Episode 17 – Perennial
December 16, 2020

What’s On Your Mind?
Trivia Game
Where did Taylor play piano in the Go music video?
In the Penny and Me music video, what is behind Hanson in the performance scene?
Who is the first solo artist to have six albums sell 10 million copies?
Interviewer: Quinn
How did you choose the songs and are there any you wish you would have included?
What was the inspiration for Nothing Like a Love Song?
Are there plans to do live tours for Perennial?
If you were on the masked singer, what character would you be?
Are there any music videos in the works for Perennial?
Song: Down

Episode 18 – Finally It’s Christmas
December 23, 2020

What’s On Your Mind?
Trivia Game
What was written on the megaphone in the Give a Little music video?
Tom Cruise is called Maverick in which film?
What was the name of the first Hanson album recorded in England?
What does the K in K-Pop stand for?
Interviewer: Barbara
Would you share some interesting stories about creating the album that your fans may not have heard?
When can we expect a third Christmas album?
Do you have last minute gift ideas? What is on your to-do list with only a few days left until Christmas?
Are there any Christmas items you and your family collect?
Who is the most like Santa Clause, The Grinch or Scrooge?
Song: Christmas Ball

Episode 19 – HDay 2021
May 2021

What’s On Your Mind?
Game Time
As of May 2021 how many views on YouTube does the MMMBop video have in millions?
How many pounds of potato chips does the average American eat in the year?
How many minutes long is Strong Enough to Break – the film?
Interviewer: Lakyta
What is the heart of the new album? What is the vibe? What are you hoping fans get out of it?
What does Crossroads mean for Hanson?
Was there anything interesting you discovered in the little towns where you recorded?
Tell us about the Summer Concert Series – what is a song from Against the World you’re excited to share with us?
What did you learn during Hanson Gate?
The intended next project was Black Mesa, tell us about that if you can.
Song: Annalie

Episode 20 – Don’t Ever Change
June 25, 2021

Interviewer: Susie
How do you process the negative reaction from fans regarding a project you are excited about?
Crossroads and Against the World were essentially being created at the same time. Did you go into that process with clear ideas of what each project would be?
Does playing the same venue multiple times in your hometown have a different vibe than traveling around playing somewhere different each night?
Have you ever gone back and listened to your songs and thought of different lyrics that you liked better or felt would have better fit the song?
Would you ever release a new video similar to TTMON or RTA?
Have you ever felt bittersweet about MMMBop in the sense that it’s a song that got you guys worldwide recognition, but at the same time all these years later people hear Hanson and automatically think MMMBop and don’t really realize you have more songs or aren’t willing to give you guys another chance?
Has there ever been something you hoped would be brought up in an interview because you were really excited to talk about it or elaborate on it, but then it never came up?
Trivia Game
In what month was the first blog posted?
How many twinkies are made in the United States?
To the nearest second – how long is the song Young and Dumb?
Interview with Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick

Episode 21 – Only Love
August 2, 2021

What’s On Your Mind?
Trivia Game
What year did construction begin on the White House?
How many times is the name Annalie said in the new single, Annalie?
In feet and inches, how tall was the tallest man in recorded medical history?
If you add up every time Isaac says 1,440 from Minute Without You (Middle of Nowhere version) what is the total number?
Interviewer: Laura
The lyrics that says “Broken won’t define you because love can always find you” is powerful – did it come from a specific time?
Was Against the World intended to be a parallel to This Time Around?
Has the meaning of Against the World changed or evolved since you recorded it and released it?
The string theory version of Joyful Noise and the Members Only version have difference lyrics – why?
Will sequence of Against the World be as important once it’s all released?
What was the original lyrics for Only Love that were flipped around?
Song: Only Love

Episode 22 – Against the World (Single)
September 17, 2021

What’s On Your Mind?
Trivia Game
What percentage of Americans 18 to 25 have at least one tattoo?
What perfect of that is females?
How many acts performed on the main stage at the original Woodstock concert?
What percentage of the world’s population lives in China?
Interviewer: Gemma
The lyrics to Against the world and Stronger are really heartfelt and relatable and a lot of fans say it gets them right in the heart. Were you expecting such a strong reaction?
The release of Against the World is very different to anything you’ve done before – is it meeting your expectations and would you consider doing it for a future project?
Were there challenges to recording at the iconic Muscle Shoals?
How does it feel to have comparisons (Against the World – U2, Stronger – Queen) and was it intentional or did it just happen?
Why did you choose the building for the album cover?

Episode 23 – Stronger
September 24, 2021

What’s On Your Mind?
Trivia Game
How many number one singles has Madonna had on the Billboard Hot 100?
In what year did Mark Twain first publish the novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?
In what year did the 40 hour work week officially take effect in the United States?
Interviewer: Stephanie
There’s a lyrics in the song ‘ don’t know what’s ahead, only what i’ve left behind’ what is something you hope you’ve left behind? Whether it’s words of wisdom, an impact, a legacy?
Are there any times or situations you wish you had been stronger?
Where were you headspace wise when you wrote Stronger and how do you relate to it now?
You mentioned that it sounds similar to a Queen vibe – how many times did you have to stack the vocals?
Have there been any unexpected bumps or pleasant surprises with how the release process has been going?

Episode 24 – One
October 15, 2021

What’s On Your Mind?
Trivia Game
How many full-length feature films did Alfred Hitchcock direct?
On the 6 Against the World music videos on YouTube, how many comments do they have collectively?
In miles what is the distance in a straight line from New York to Los Angeles?
Interviewer: Randy
A lot of artists have been doing the release one single at a time, what’s the logic behind it? What’s the business sense behind it? Why is it the right thing to do?
How did you pick the second songs? Or did you write 7 and that was it? Or are there throwaway songs that we don’t know about?
How do you decide who gets to be the lead or solo on any particular cut. Did you write for each person’s single style or do you have a solo dartboard?
How do you find the reception to One is going?
Comparing Radio airplay to streaming airplay – which is more beneficial? Which gets you the most credit do the bean counter, so to speak?
Boxers or briefs?

Episode 25 – Fearless
November 20, 2021

What’s on Your Mind?
Trivia Game
What is the longest that an astronaut has spent in space on a mission in days?
In feet – how tall is Venezuela’s Angel Falls – the worlds tallest waterfall?
How much did the heaviest sumo champion ever weigh?
How deep is Marianas trench in feet?
Interviewer: Michelle
What was the headspace where you guys were at when you were writing this song and the reasoning or story behind using the orchestra at the beginning?
Given all the songs that you recorded at Fame Studios, were there any that you maybe would have traded out on Against the World that would have been able to keep with the theme of the album?
Was there any particular song of the seven you were itching to see fans or critics reactions?
With the album out, where there any hard lessons learned or pros and cons? Did it exceed expectations? Does it seem to have done better in this type of format versus a traditional release?

Episode 26 – Child at Heart
February 17, 2022

What’s On Your Mind?
Trivia Game
When you lie and call in sick, what do you spend that day doing?
We asked 100 married women, name something you’ve been wishing your husband would do for years?
Name something like coffee that can be brewed?
Money aside, what would your dream occupation be?
Interviewer: Adri
Once you had the inspiration for the song, how long did it take you to write it out?
What made you go for an acting style music video versus your usual style?
Was it difficult doing everything separately? Not asking for input? Not offering help?
Song: Child at Heart

Episode 27 – Write You a Song
March 18, 2022

What’s On Your Mind?
Interviewer: Kelsey
What instrumentation screamed the creation of Write You a Song?
How important was it to get Isaac’s daughter involved in the video?
Was there anything else that inspired the songs creation besides Isaac’s daughters desire for a song?
How did you decide to separate each EP or each part of the album?
Song: Write You a Song

Episode 28 – Don’t Let Me Down
April 22, 2022

What’s On Your Mind?
Trivia Game
Name something a gardener would hate to be allergic to
Name something a divorced person does to get over an ex.
Interviewer: Patty
Where was your headspace and how Don’t Let Me Down came to be? Was it always destined to be an 80s power rock song?
Let’s talk about the Don’t Let Me Down music video – you’re the characters telling a story
What’s a learning takeaway or something about your brother’s creative process that you learned that you may not have noticed before?

HTP Live 2022
May 12, 2022

What’s On Your Mind?
How many M’s in MMMBop
Finish the lyric: There’s a picture that’s hanging in the back of my…
Where is the man from Milwaukee originally from?
What article of clothing did Zac not wear during the recording of No Sleep for Banditos?
Weird Al cameoed as Murph in what music video for Hanson?
3CG is an acronym for what?
How many dops in the chorus of MMMBop?
In what year was Hanson Day first declared?
Interviewer: Sara and Yelena
How did you guys meet?
What ways were the writing and recording process different or similar between Red Green Blue and White Rabbit?
I love the lyrics to Climb – especially the line “be careful not to climb too fast”, Is there a time individually or as a band where you can relate to that lyric?
In the documentary we see a bit of Isaac playing his first guitar, what was your choice to use it on the record?
How will having so much new music influence the setlist and what are you most looking forward to arranging in the live setting?
What was the most liberating part of releasing Against the World differently from Red Green Blue?
Rabbit Hole Stories


Episode 29 – RGB Tour Europe
July 8, 2022

What’s On Your Mind?
Trivia Game
Live from Albertane includes 3 Hanon songs previously recorded on independent albums – name on besides River.
How old was Buddy Holly when I died in a plane crash in Iowa in February 3, 1959. How old was Ritchie Valens?
Name a country in Europe Hanson has never played a ticketed concert in.
In what year was the first Lego minifigure introduced?
What is the only Hanson song other than MMMBop to include the lyric Bop?
How many letters are in the word Saturday?
Interviewer: Lily
How did you have the idea to work separately on RGB?
If you had to choose a song from another color to sing – which would you choose and why?
Were you inspired by Stevie Wonder on Cold As Ice?
Is there a reason to play less RGB songs on tour?
How do you organize your day during the tour?
Song: Child at Heart

Episode 30 – RGB Tour North America 1
August 5, 2022

What’s On Your Mind?
Trivia Game
In miles, what is the driving distance from Milwaukee to Tulsa?
Fame studios was started in 1959. In what year did they move the studio to the location that Against the World was recorded?
What species of animals is a raccoon?
I Will Come To You was released in what month?
How many rings in the Olympic Games logo?
Excerpts from Reporter interviews

Episode 31 – RGB Tour North America 2
September 3, 2022

What’s on Your Mind?
Trivia Game
According to Amazon Music – what is the most popular song on The Walk?
What is track #8 on The Walk?
What year was Oliver Twist originally published?
How many Fan Club EPs have been released since 2003 to present day?
As of August, how many Nintendo Switches have been sold in the millions?
How many Oh’s does Taylor sing before he starts to sing the first verse?
Excerpts from Reporter interviews

Episode 32 – John Calvin Abney
September 30, 2022

Interview with the opening act

Episode 33 – RGB Tour Latin America
October 7, 2022

What’s On Your Mind?
Trivia Game
Since 2000, how many concerts have we played, not including Back to the Island – in Mexico?
According to – how many shows have we done in Latin America? Which would also include Mexico and South America
What are the three capital cities of Brazil, Argentine and Uruguay?
How many Muppet movies are there according to Google?
According to the calendar – how many concerts do we have left in 2022?
Excerpts from Reporter interviews

Episode 34 – RGB Tour Australia New Zealand
November 4, 2022

What’s On Your Mind?
Trivia Game
In what year was the Sydney Opera House built?
If the legend Steve Irwin was still alive, how old would he be?
In Kilometers – what is the distance from Perth, Australia to Orlando, FL – as the crow flies?
ACDCs Back in Black sold how many copies world wide?
Excerpts from Reporter interviews
Song: Save Me

Episode 35 – Ambient
March 3, 2023

What’s On Your Mind?
Trivia Games
In what year was the statue of liberty unveiled to the public?
When was the first Peanuts comic?
In years, what is the longest recorded lifespan of a dog?
How old was the oldest woman in recorded medical history?
Interviewer: Sarah
Is there a specific inspiration of theme for this EP and what does the title Ambient signify?
White Rabbit was one of my very favorite EPs. How will Ambient be different?
Has it been difficult to transition back into writing and recording after such a long tour?
In January you were working on something unexpected – was that related to Ambient? Can you tease anything?
Will there be any live streaming of the creation of Ambient?
Song: Cold as Ice

Episode 36 – Sounds Like Spring
April 7, 2023

What’s On Your Mind?
Trivia Game
In what year was the parking meter invented?
In what year did Levi’s produce the first pair of denim blue jeans?
What are Microsoft’s annual revenues?
In pounds, what is the weight of the largest hamburger ever produced?
Interviewer: Bianca
What sounds like spring to you? Is there any instrument or kind of music that makes you think of spring?
I was told that the worst enemies of musicians are daylight, fresh air and screaming birds. Do you agree?
Would you attribute a healing or renewing effect to your music?
Have you ever written a song about Easter?
Song: You Never Know

Episode 37 – Underneath Acoustic Revisited
May 5, 2023

What’s on Your Mind?
Trivia Game
How many feet above sea level is the highest point on Mount Everest, the world’s tallest mountain?
How many Seinfeld episodes have been aired?
In what year did the first Walmart store open?
What percentage of the world’s surface is water?
Interviewer: Samantha
What has changed about the way you record since Underneath?
Did you feel pressured to create music that was similar to the previous albums so the fans already around would like it? or did you finally feel complete freedom to make whatever you wanted artistically?
What song from the album has been your favorite to play over the years?
What genre would you put underneath acoustic in now that music has evolved over the years?
Song: Hey

HTP Live – HDay 2023 
May 11, 2023

What’s On Your Mind?
Interviewers: Nat and Sophia
How do you choose the theme for each EP and what is the creative process behind that?
The new EP has a song on it that will sound familiar, particularly to anyone who has been Back to the Island, how did you decide that this was the right EP and right year to record and include a Life Without You?
What made you choose to release Underneath Acoustic as an acoustic album instead of a typical studio album first?
Which song(s) from Underneath Acoustic are you most looking forward to revisiting this weekend?
Anthem turns 10 this year, was there anything in particular that inspired the sound of the Anthem album?
Did you envision playing the songs from Anthem live right from the beginning?
Looking over the past 20 years, how does each album build on or influence the next one?
Trivia Game
How many letters are in the word Ambient?
In what month in 2003 was Underneath Acoustic recorded?
Ray Charles was born on September 23, 1930 – and he died on June 10, 2004 – how old was he when he passed away?
Starting in 2011, we began naming the annual EPs. How many have been released since then?
In the final car chase scene of the 1980 Blues Brothers film, how many miles is it to Chicago?
What position did the Blues Brothers take in the box office on opening weekend?

Episode 38 – Members Only Events
June 3, 2023

What’s On Your Mind?
Trivia Game
In dollars, how much did Johnny Depp receive to play Jack Sparrow in all four Pirates of the Caribbean movies combined?
How many soccer goals did Pele score in his professional career?
In what year did Leonardo da Vinci draw designs for the first modern parachute?
Interviewer: Ann
How has the position of the reporter evolved over the years?
What’s it like when you call a venue about Members Only Events to open the doors early to let some fans in? Are they willing and open?
What is different about Hanson Day than when you originally envisioned it?
Are you going to do something with your midlife crisis when you turn 40 for us?
Did you have anything to do with the remixes on the single CDs?
Can you remaster Monster Jam to make it easier to listen to?
Song: Believe

Episode 39 – From the Road
July 7, 2023

What’s On Your Mind?
Trivia Game
How many Cheetos are in a regular size Cheeto bag?
What is the world record speed for the fastest car ever?
How many limbs does a squid have?
The year that you got your drivers license, what was the average price of gas in the United States?
Per person, how many ants are there?
Interviewer: Ali
How do you prepare health-wise for a tour? Vitamins? Exercise? Diet?
Have you ever experienced a feeling of longing after a tour or album or seeing your favorite artist?
Have you considered writing a song about Mexico?
Have you considered coming back to do another Back to the Island in Mexico?
Song: Rock N Roll Razorblade

Episode 40 – Allen Mack Myers Moore
August 4, 2023

Interview with the opening act

Episode 41 – Emo Origin Story
September 1, 2023

What’s On Your Mind?
Trivia Game
How many full length plays did William Shakespeare write?
In what year did John Stewart become the host of The Daily Show?
How many time zones does Russia have?
Interviewer: Christina
You did a collab with Busted – how did it come to be? Did they ask you? What happened?
Are you nervous about the upcoming tour with Busted?
Let’s talk Setlists – Lost Without You is made for the 02 Arena. We Belong Together hasn’t been played live.
Busted’s show is reliant on production – how does that affect your set?
Have you ever thought about doing your own albums?
What about a change in genre?
Song: In The City

Episode 42 – Busted
October 6, 2023

Hanson chats with Busted

Episode 43 – Certified ADD
November 3, 2023

What’s On Your Mind?
Trivia Game
In feet, how tall is the world’s tallest Lego tower?
How many planes did the Red Baron shoot down?
How many matches did Muhammad Ali win during his professional boxing career?
What was Tom Cruise’s salary for his breakout role in the movie Risky Business?
How many points did Michael Jordan average per game during his NBA career?
Interviewer: Jenny
Where do you get the energy to do what you do?
Is there any stars you have met and got starstruck?
Will we get to see more footage from the Busted tour?
Song: Only Love

Episode 44 – Christmas Episode
December 1, 2023

What’s On Your Mind?
Trivia Game
How many lights on the Rockefeller Christmas Tree?
How much does the Swarovski star weigh that is on top of the tree?
What is the running time of Home Alone 1?
How old was Jimmy Stewart when he died on July 2 1997?
How much money was spent in the US on Black Friday 2023?
Interviewer: Casey
On the scale of Charlie Brown Christmas tree to the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree – where does your tree rank?
What snack do you look forward to binging during the holidays?
What’s more fun – decorating ginger bread houses or decorating your own house at Christmas?
What’s a Christmas tradition that you look forward to every year?
What was more fun to perform? Christmas at the White House or Christmas on SNL?
If you could license one of your newer Christmas songs to a modern Christmas movie – what movie and what song do you choose?
Forced to listen to one album on repeat do you choose Snowed In or Finally it’s Christmas?
What’s the deal with the Hanson snowglobe?
What do you hope your Christmas music leaves for generations to come?
Song: White Christmas

Episode 45 – Back from the Island
January 12, 2024

What’s On Your Mind?
Game Time (Isaac/Brandy v Taylor/Josie)
How many international tourists visited Jamaica in 2023?
How many albums has Bob Marley sold?
How much rum is produced each year?
Island Curiosities
Tara: How has Back to the Island changed over the last decade since it started in 2013?
Samantha: Do any of you have synesthesia where you can taste colors or see colors with music and if you do – does that affect your music or writing?
Rachel: A few years ago you played a song in your solo show you said was spontaneous and you were making it up on the spot and it was so good and I just want to know if it was truly spontaneous and if you remember it and if you’re ever going to turn it into a real song that we have access to?
Mark: What is your greatest pick up line?
Bergen: How do you come up with the set list for the individual shows and for the overall shows with the group?
Song: Somebody That Wants To Love You

Episode 46 – Daydreaming in Technicolor
February 2, 2024

What’s On Your Mind?
Game time (Isaac/Raisa, Taylor/Kimberly)
In how many of the 195 countries in the world is English an official language?
In what year did the Roman Coliseum open?
How many years did it take to carve Mount Rushmore?
What percentage of the world’s surface is water?
Interviewer: Liva
Daydreams in the Night – Pick Me Up
What are you daydreaming about these days?
What is the status of Isaac’s Science Fiction novel?
Do you have a specific writing process? Do you write the lyrics before the melody? Do you share with each other?
Lyrics, see if you remember what song it is from: “memories of yesterday And here come the poetry of all those things I couldn’t say”
Are there plans to tour later in the year?
What can we expect from the next album? Black Mesa. Will you co-write with others?
Song: Never Let Go from Back to the Island

Episode 47 – 30 Dollar Slide Whistle
March 1, 2024

What’s On Your Mind?
Trivia Game
In what year was a patent first granted for the car air bag?
In miles, what is the distance between Russia and the United States at their closest point?
How many leaves does a Tumbotree have?
How many Popes were before Pope Francis?
Interviewer: Sara
With the regaining popularity of MMMBop, do you think you’ll ever do a Hanson’s version of Middle of Nowhere?
What kind of vibe can we expect from this years EP?
Are there songs that just don’t make the setlist because they’re too personal for you guys?
Who is the one that’s tinkering the most with new music? You’ll find them in the studio making new tunes or tracks?
How do you make it work? [being working family men]
Song: Runaway Run

Episode 48 – Reflections on Time
April 5, 2024

What’s On Your Mind?
Trivia Game
In feet, how wide is the Sphinx of Giza?
How many #1 albums have the Rolling Stones had on the Billboard Top 200?
As of 2012 – what is the net worth of Bill Gates?
How many pounds did Robert DeNiro gain for his role as a boxer in the 1980 film Raging Bull?
In what year was the first US TV show color TV Show broadcasted?
Interviewer: Maura
What’s the best prank that you’ve ever played on someone or had played on you?
Are there any instances where you feel like something initially fails, like a project, writing a song, planning an event, but given enough time and space, something good came out of it?
What are your takeaways from how you chose to release Against the World and would you do something like that again?
How do you see the music industry changing within the next 20 years or maybe 5? What aspects of today’s sharing streaming platforms do you see having a greater impact in the future?
You mentioned there will be 4 different musical projects and you’ve hinted revisiting your history – what ideas and themes from previous projects have helped inspire you for 2024?
Song: Compromise

Episode 49 – I’m Not A Doctor
May 3, 2024

What’s On Your Mind?
Trivia Game
In miles per hour, what’s the fastest record speed for a fish?
In what year was coca-cola first produced?
How many total students attend Arizona State University, the nation’s largest university?
What percentage of US vice presidents have become president?
How many floors does the leaning tower of pisa have?
Interviewer: Natalia
You’ve been doing this for so long and your body of work is really large, with so many anniversaries to celebrate, it feels like yearly, basically. Did it ever make it feel more challenging to then get excited about the prospect of writing completely new material?
What can we expect from Underneath reimagined this year – Are there fun teases you can share?
What can we expect from the tour?
Is there any change you might do surprise songs each show that don’t repeat?
If you could only pick one of your albums for the rest of time to play from which would it be and why?
Down vs I’ve Been Down? Better Man vs Change? Do You Believe in Love vs No Rest for the Weary?
Song: No Matter the Reason

HTP Live – HDay 2024
May 16, 2024

What’s On Your Mind?
Game Time
In what year was the automatic bread slicer invented?
In what year did LEGO introduce the first block?
In feet, how tall was the tallest giraffe?
In pounds, what was the heaviest domesticated cat ever recorded?
How many of the 195 countries in the world have at least one McDonalds?
Interviewer: Katie and Andrea
If you had a time machine what show of yours would you go back to and what would you expect to see yourself doing at a show in the future – maybe later this year?
This years EP has a lot of songs that sound reminiscent – was that intentional and would you ever consider doing a mashup?
Since the decision has been made to not offer physical CDs (we won’t get into that debate) would you consider allowing us to download the EP early so we can familiarize ourselves with the songs before the members concert, maybe on actual Hanson Day?
If you were to make a Hanson time capsule for people to discover 100 years from now, what would you put in it?
In ahead of your time you talk about secrets of age, what have you learned that you would tell your younger self?
How do you know that Dinosaurs love Hanson?

Episode 50 – Got Beef Under Pink Moonlight
June 7, 2024

What’s on Your Mind?
Game Time
What was the average annual salary of a person employed in New York City in 2012?
In what year was a woman first appointed to the Supreme Court?
How many short stories did Edgar Allan Poe publish?
In Feet and Inches – how tall is Conan O’Brien?
What percentage of US land area does Alaska make up?
Interviewer: Myka
Have you ever thought of recording anything in a different genre and what genre would you pick?
Is there anyone currently performing that you would want to do a collaboration or duet with?
Members Only Songs have made it into setlists in the past – I love Every Time We Touch… 😉
We’re looking back and revisiting Underneath, is there a possibility we might see Taylor play electric guitar again on Dancing in the Wind?
What is your favorite album to listen to, no skips, from beginning to end?