December 2 2016 Finally It’s Christmas Stream Recap

By | December 2, 2016

The stream kicks off with a performance of Merry Christmas Baby with the guys decked out in ugly christmas sweaters!

-Winter Collection Ad / Loud Play Vinyl Ad –

The guys changed sweaters and headed to the couch to chat
Isaac’s vest is too small
Merry Christmas – it’s December start being festive
They discuss the 12 days of Christmas
Night cap will get extra clips for members only
Zac was smaller in the snowed in clips but still responds to sugar the same way
They’ve been in Christmas mode since the end of summer and are going to share a couple new songs/renditions from the new christmas record
Like the sweaters they were made a very long time ago but they just put them on

*Clip of working on the Wintry Mix album writing a song*

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New Sweaters & performance of Walking in a Winter Wonderland

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Back on the couch in new sweaters
Zac says they raided their Aunt’s closet for sweaters
Time for questions, but Isaac must eat his cookie first

What is Isaacs favorite Christmas cookie?
The one in his hand
Zac & Taylor say Snickerdoodle
Christmas cookies are usually gingerbread or sugar with icing

All the questions are about touring…

Since 2017 is a special anniversary – can you tell us if there will be more for Hanson Day? Performing @ Hop Jam?
Zac goes off on a tangent about the username of the question submitter
Hanson Day is going to have more special stuff it is a big year the band is 25
Farewell concert (jk!)
They try to make it special every year – this year live EP
Not sure how to quantify “special”
This is the year to go if you’ve never made it before
Not breaking down what will happen – will be special
A fair amount of emphasis on the past – stories & things
Glass booth w/ speaker in the middle of the street and Isaac will tell stories 24 hours a day like David Blaine

Are you going to Europe in 2017?
Yes… maybe… probably.
They want to go there
They have been making plans for touring routing but don’t want to promise anything
Next year is a great opportunity to start the next chapter and hoping they will make their way to Europe
It is a year that is important to be in a lot of places. Teleportation

Hanson Day…. 
May 19, 20 plan to be in Tulsa 
Isaac will tell stories for hours
Someone will sing MMMBop for 25 hours in a row

Going to do something special they have never done – show footage from 19 years ago
Crazy they have had the chance to do music for this long
20th anniversary of Snowed In is coming along w/ a new record next year

-Unedited clip from working on Snowed In 1997 – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) Lead Vocals-

-Unedited clip from working on Snowed In 1997 – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) Background Vocals-

-Finally It’s Christmas image  –

New Sweaters! Performance of Finally It’s Christmas

-Winter Collection Ad / Loud Play Vinyl Ad –

Back on the couch with new sweaters
Sometimes when you screw up there’s really nothing to say – stop, compose yourself and start again
That way we know it is authentic
More questions!

Are you already working on a new album?
Material is always being thought about, several projects planned for next year, idea for new music to come out next year as 25th celebration
Takes on an identity once you start putting together a collection and themes emerge
In addition to the fan club EP next year there will definitely be some new music in one form or another.

Do you already have ideas for the next Members EP?
They are not ready to share the plans yet but there are several ideas
Challenge themselves

What are the determining factors for deciding Christmas songs?
Went back to Snowed In and come up with an additional list, more rock n roll, more religious songs are hymns
No one knows the 3rd and 4th verse of Amazing Grace, same melody it repeats
The next record 20 years from now will be a religious hymns record – Ike by himself
Ike tried to make a Perry Como record this time
Isaac has been muted
It’s like picking a cover song for a tour
Iconic performers

Can Zac and Isaac bake?
Taylor has done baking segments
Taylor does love to cook
Zac likes to eat
Isaac is a candle stick maker
Butcher, Baker, Candle Stick Maker
Zac likes to play (win) games and cleanup
Playing risk with Zac is a risk
Can they make Hanson Risk?  It’s just Hanson. Risk is a redundant statement

Giving gifts away to select members
Book package to 3 people
Let’s make books great again
Something to burn to keep yourself warm
Next 3 get GAMES – cards, poker chips, hansonopoly, dice, hancyclopedia
Hansonopoly is kind of exactly like a board game
Isaac’s triumph insult comic dog impression
Isaac feels like the village idiot most of the time during streams
Next gift is Loud Play LP, Anthem LP, Shout It Out LP
Hope they have a record player

Last gift – tweet the name of someone in the community that is deserving
It sounds creepy
A special gift from some strangers

Tradition of replaying things that were made on previous Christmas
Isaac reading twas the night before christmas [Hanson version]

New sweaters
Reading is an ode to the muppets
Demerits for anyone who suggested themselves for the gift
Hand signals for gamers

Opening gift from ST Leaders

Give away room to BTTI

Fade to black




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