Lyrics Help: The Ballad of Seymour Better Times

By | January 13, 2018

Zac performed a new song at Back to the Island – a clip of it was posted on the blog back in August of 2017.  We are crowd-sourcing the lyrics so if there is anything here you think should be something else or if you can fill in the blanks that are missing please let us know before we toss them into the database 🙂


Seymour was a work of art
always getting into trouble
Never met a lass he didn’t love
or love a lass that didn’t have a hub
Seymour wasn’t very smart
So he soon got a reputation
a list of suitors with reservations
To send him on a permanent vacation
He said

I was meant to fight another day
I’ll sing a song to help me on my way
My journey may be long before I’m done
So won’t you play the drums

Seymour met a girl named Bill
Bill was sweet as honey
Bill liked fancy things
But Seymour didn’t have no money
Bill she stole his heart
She had a knack for theifing
So when the cops broke down the front door
Seymour was already leaving

I will learn to love another day
Sing a simple song to ease my pain
My journey may be long ??
So won’t play the horns

On the road to a better place
Birds sing, Bells ring
Now he’s dreaming of those pearly gates
How long must we roam, til we can go home

Seymour got a bright idea
to give up his sinful ways
Become a man of the cloth
No longer would he stray
On his way to church
Seymour received a sign
A messenger from the good Lord
With red high heels and blue eyes
He said

I will praise the Lord in my own way
Enjoy his creation every day
And I will need grace before I’m done
So won’t you sing the song


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