HANSON: Announcements February 1st

By | January 19, 2024

The new year has begun; It’s All Roses.

2024 is picking up steam and we are going to be rolling out more details about our plans for the year on February 1st. Interested in attending our Annual HANSON Day celebration each May? Event schedule and details will be announced February 1st. Are you a fan, but can’t always travel to events like BTTI and HANSON Day? That is why this year we added four streaming concerts to the 2024 Hanson.net membership. Throughout the year we will be broadcasting live music right to you, and the dates for the first stream will be dropping February 1st.

The winter weather in Oklahoma has been exceptionally frigid, but outside of a few frozen pipes and having to spend time with our kids (school’s closed), life is good. This is a time of year when we retool, and refocus on being creative. New songs, designs, big ideas, you name it. Let’s just say the biggest storms, in the world of HANSON brainstorms usually happen in January. We hope everyone is enjoying our Winter game of HNet Explorer! It is always a good time thinking up the puzzles and designing the PINs you get as a reward. Our 2024 Members EP will soon be in the works, so get hyped for more new music in 2024, and we will see you again Tuesday for week three!

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

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Member Exclusive: Members, play Winter Explorer this week and earn your second pin!

Member Exclusive: Each week, we will choose two lucky fan club winners to be invited to our monthly virtual video M&G! This week, the winners are:
  • drumgirl1224
  • Marshizzzle

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