HANSON: Log On In September

By | September 1, 2023

Just a week or so away from the launch of the UK tour with Busted. Dusting off the keys, polishing the fretboards, and grabbing the most roadworthy tools of the trade.

Happy HTP day everyone! That’s right, it’s the first Friday of the month and today we are dropping the 41st Episode of the HANSON Time Podcast. It’s hard to tell if we are getting better or worse at this podcast business, I can tell you it is still fun, but is it informative, or entertaining…you should probably listen the new episode and let us know.

One more week at home, then we head to the UK for a month of shows with Busted, basically going from quietly working to working is rocking! Both sides of the coin are needed, the contemplative composer quietly working at his piano, and the roar or the crowd under a white hot spotlight… but it can be like hitting the hyperdrive when you switch from maker to performer. We will be sharing videos from the road every week, so Members be sure to log on in September for… well everything that happens in September!

September 12th will also see the launch of a new HNet Explorer game, with a new hunt starting every Tuesday. The final week will start October 10th, but you can RSVP right now to let us know you will be playing. It’s going to be a busy month, but hopefully an unforgettable adventure we get to share with all of you!

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

Member Exclusive: Members, the latest episode of the HANSON Time Podcast will be posted on Friday, Sept 1st in the Media Player.

Member Exclusive: Members, enter for your chance to win a Meet and Greet with HANSON during the UK/Ireland Tour with Busted. Enter in the Calendar section by clicking on the Request a Meet and Greet button to the right of the concert(s) you have a ticket for and are attending.

Member Exclusive: Members, get ready for another HNet Explorer beginning on Sept 12th. RSVP to let us know you want to play!

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