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By | April 2, 2023

The following email will be going out to users we believe have multiple accounts on the site.  We ask that you please respond by May 26th. Thanks!  (If you think you might have multiple accounts but do not receive the email please use the contact info below to double check as oftentimes our emails get blocked when trying to email multiple members at once.)

Dear Hansonstage User –

We are in the process of updating our Terms of Service, which will include that users are not allowed to have multiple accounts in an effort to ensure fairness to all users and to save on bandwidth use and hosting fees to continue to bring this service to Hanson fans for free.  We kindly ask that you choose ONE account and let us know which one you would like to keep by May 26th.  We will then proceed to delete any duplicate accounts.  Failure to reply by this date may result in all your accounts being removed.

We understand that having multiple accounts was most likely unintentional or a result of forgetting login details.  We ask that you visit the FAQs page to reset passwords or obtain unknown usernames.  If you need additional help, please reach out to us by replying to this email.

To let us know which account you would like to keep, please send an email reply to and include the username(s) of the accounts you wish to delete and the username of the account you would like to keep.  Please also let us know if show counts need to be combined from one to the other.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperating in this matter, and we look forward to continuing to provide you with a great user experience on Hansonstage.



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