The Hanson Hour – Episode 4

By | March 30, 2023

Buckle in for this one!  In this episode we talk with Dr Jadey O’Regan who coauthored a book named “Hooks in Popular Music” (in which MMMBop is discussed) Jadey also teaches Bachelor of Music Studies as the Sydney Conservatorium of music. In 2014, she was awarded her PhD, which focused on the development of the distinctive sound of the Beach Boys between 1962 and 1966. She is also a musician and songwriter herself.

Jadey speaks with us about what makes MMMBop a catchy tune. We are also joined by her husband, Dr Tim Byron, a music psychologist.

If you’ve ever wanted to know the psychology behind MMMBop and being in a fandom, then this is the episode for you!

You can find Jadey on Instagram @hellojadey and to find the book you can do a Google Search for “Hooks in Popular Music”

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