This Time Around Tour Setlist Updates

By | November 25, 2022

Thanks to the way back machine, we got access to some This Time Around tour concert listings and reviews and have made some updates to the site accordingly.

November 15, 2000 – Rio de Janiero – we have created a partial setlist that now has 2 songs
September 11, 2000 – New York City – updates were made to include special guest Jonny Lang as well as update the song order
September 28, 2000 – Detroit – this setlist changed significantly and we now believe it is accurate. Several songs were added. (This Time Around acapella, Save Me, Smile, Bridges of Stone, Lonely Again and Dying to Be Alive were removed as we believe these were included in error.)
November 17, 2000 – Belo Horizonte – this setlist is no longer listed as partial and we believe it is now complete with the addition of I Want You To Want Me


If you know of any older Hanson websites that may have had concert reviews posted at one time, even if they no longer exist, let us know and perhaps with the help of the way back machine we can fill in some more setlist blanks.

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