HANSON: What a way to finish

By | November 11, 2022

First week of the Australian leg of the tour has been a blast, of course, with everything from David Bowie statues to koalas. (Oh and did we say several thousand of our favorite people meeting up to share music?)

We are three shows into our Australian tour and having an absolute blast! Yes, we are all still jet lagged, but that is not stopping us from loving every show and enjoying all the sights and sounds of Perth and Sydney.

The welcome has had been so warm, and the crowds so ruckus, even when we are tired, walking on stage to the sounds of the Aussie cheers hits you with an amazing jolt of energy and you forget anything but the joy of playing!

This is a special week, not just because it is the final week of the RGB tour, but also because we will be celebrating the emerald man himself as Isaac will turn 42 on the 17th, (our second show in Melbourne). It can be hard to be far away from home, but there is also nothing on earth like the sound of two thousand people breaking into happen birthday! It’s just something you don’t ever forget.

Thank you to everyone who has come out so far. Next stop Adelaide!

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

Member Exclusive: HNet Explorer is back! We started on October 25th and will be going for seven weeks, hosting our final Explorer of 2022. Every week we will share new Hunts, and the Hanson.net members that are able to follow the clues to the end will get a shiny new Pin for their Profile each and every week.

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Member Exclusive: Members, don’t forget to check in during the tour! You will earn a tour pin and, each night, a winner is drawn from among the fan club members who check in while at the show venue.

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