HANSON: Lost In The Disney Vortex

By | November 1, 2022

The Latin American leg of our RGB Tour is now complete. It was a total highlight of the year and we can’t wait to return.

After a short time home, we are now happily lost in the Disney World Vortex. Traveling as a band and crew, you can get lulled into thinking you have it rough, early mornings, huge piles of equipment, but one day traveling with the full family will slap you right back into reality! The true nature of hectic travel is when your kids have a mind of their own and are constantly exploring the unknown parts of every new location in search of something climb on or break!

Parenting jokes aside we have played concerts at Epcot for years now, and it is a joy to be back. Like so many other things we have had a two year hiatus, so somehow old things feel almost new, and there is a little extra excitement for the simple pleasure, and to share the good things of life.

Looking at it now, we might have figured out the most magical combination of all things Dad and Vacation. Amazing rides, family time, food & wine festival and concerts everyday! What a great way to recharge before we head down to Australia to wrap up a whirlwind year of touring!

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

Member Exclusive: HNet Explorer is back! We started on October 25th and will be going for seven weeks, hosting our final Explorer of 2022. Every week we will share new Hunts, and the Hanson.net members that are able to follow the clues to the end will get a shiny new Pin for their Profile each and every week.

Member exclusive: The Back To The Island destination concert event is a rare musical escape that takes music fans to a world-class resort destination on the Caribbean shore, to enjoy connecting with other music fans in a beautiful place, while sharing once in a lifetime musical experiences with HANSON as your host.

Come take part in the 10th annual BTTI and escape to the tropics to kick off 2023 together on the beaches of the Caribbean. We can’t wait to return and we hope you’ll join us when we head Back To The Island!

For details, click here.

In celebration of RGB, Finally It’s Christmas, Never Let Go, and In Color being released on vinyl, we are giving away two special edition record players. Learn how you could win HERE.

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