HANSON: 101 Concerts in One Year

By | October 6, 2022

The Latin American leg of the tour has really headed south now, with our arrival in the beautiful Santiago, Chile. Let the adventure continue.

Over dinner last night we all counted and ended up with 21, 101. In 2022, starting with Back To The Island in Jamaica, and ending in Auckland New Zealand, this year we will play 101 concerts in 21 countries. If you were wondering, that’s a lot! Probably the most concerts we have ever played in one year.

Today we are in Argentina, and what a welcome we have had. Fans at the airport, the hotel, the restaurant! Though we only ask you to come to the concerts, from Mexico to Chile, and now Argentina, the love is felt. We have been brushing up on what little Spanish we know from our travels, but even so we can’t say much more than “gracias”! It is a big deal for us to still be able to travel to so many places across the globe and have fans to share music with.

The challenges of the road are still with, as this month we are one man short. That’s right, we are playing as only a four-piece. Dimitrius, who has played with us for almost two decades, has not been able to join us in Latin America (which feels a little like man overboard). I guess it is just the nature of a year this busy that every plan would be tested, and every person’s will to overcome would be checked. Being a man down changes 100 little things every day, but we are not gonna let it affect what fans hear and feel when we take the stage to give the best possible show every night!

This tour has been amazing so far, and we have so much more ahead!

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

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