HANSON: Something Remembered

By | August 8, 2022

This tour has brought us to some of the most iconic theaters in the nation, from the Ryman in Nashville to the Beacon in NYC. All the incredible fans who have clapped and jumped and sung along helped us shake these houses of music. The journey continues.

This past few weeks on the RGB tour has been a welcome reminder of all the good that can come from working hard at something you love. We have been lucky to travel and or tour in more places than most people ever will, and in a thousand little ways leave our mark. Yes, scribbled signatures and greetings from past tours or, past selves are literally scratched into the walls of dressing rooms and green rooms the world over, pressed next to a cadre of performers that have come before and between, but it is not really a physical mark we hope to make, but rather something unseen, something felt, something shared, something remembered.

There is still a long way yet to go in this color filled year of Red Green Blue. We’re not even halfway through the RGB tour, and still having a ball.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

Member Exclusive: The latest Hanson Time Podcasts will be posted August 5th. Members can listen in the Media Player each month.

Member Exclusive: Members, don’t forget to check in during the tour! You will earn a tour pin and, each night, a winner is drawn from among the fan club members who check in while at the show venue.


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