INTERVIEW : Rencontre avec Hanson

By | June 21, 2022

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The Hanson will be in concert in Paris, at La Cigale on June 22 as part of their new world tour! Taylor was kind enough to generously answer our Zoom questions while in Germany. Your new tour has just started, so how are you meeting with your audience?

Taylor (Hanson): We are happy to be back on the road after the big break that the world has experienced and especially in the music business. Everything is going well and it feels good to think that we have been here for 30 years and that the public has been following us since our first album. I am proud to be able to sing in many countries in front of all our fans and that there is this beautiful connection between us. When you started in 1992, did you think you would still be singing 30 years later?

Taylor (Hanson): (Smiles) I think I hoped so but everything was new to us, we were learning the business and we didn’t know what was going to happen. We just wanted to make good music and have it appeal to the audience no matter how many. Being an artist is not just about making music, but you have to build something that lasts. The music industry has changed a lot, was it better before or now?

Taylor (Hanson): I never make a comparison because every period has its problems. When we started, music was controlled a lot by record labels, radios, TV, media… Today, music is so accessible! Before, people had to travel to buy records and now it’s so much easier but also faster. What is amazing is that we can more easily communicate with the public. I can’t wait to see what will happen in the future because the world is changing with new technologies. What matters to us is being able to perform live and meet our audience around the world! Tonight we are going to sing in Germany and we can’t wait (smile). Your new album has been available since May 20 and it’s called “Red Green Blue”. Can you explain this concept of the three colors to me?

Taylor (Hanson): It’s a record made up of 3 EPs that each of us had done. These are three colors that have always represented us since our childhood: red for me, green for Isaac and blue for Zac. These are our favorite colors and they match our personalities. It is a kind of symbol and when we put these colors together, they form our creativity. After doing all of our albums, it was important for us to try and do something different. In the end, the record sounds very “Hanson” (smile) because we all participated in it even if it’s three different parts. Can you tell me a few words about your collaboration with Zach Myers for the track “Don’t let me down”?

Taylor (Hanson): This title is part of the “Blue” part of Zac. We have known him for several years and it has always been a question of us doing something together. As he loved the track, it was nice to do a Zac and Zach collaboration (smile). Who had the idea to invite Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) in the clip?

Taylor (Hanson): It’s another Zac idea (smile). We have known Frankie for 20 years, he is a friend and an excellent comedian. He agreed to shoot in the clip before knowing the synopsis (smile). It was a great shoot and it was really cool of him to do it. You will be back in Paris, at La Cigale on June 22. What is your relationship with France and your French fans?

Taylor (Hanson): We love France, we’ve always had a great time here and played great shows! We love discovering different cultures depending on where we perform, whether it’s the environment, the food… We are lucky to be able to share our music around the world. We can’t wait to come back to Paris and see our loyal fans again. It’s amazing because we did our first concerts in Europe in 1998 (smile). You collaborated with Emma Daumas a few years ago, do you want to do another featuring with a French artist?

Taylor (Hanson): Working with Emma was fantastic! It’s a challenge to collaborate with a foreign artist, it was interesting and cool to learn French. I don’t know your artists very well, but it would be a very good idea to do a duet with one of them again (smile). I couldn’t not tell you about your first hit “MMMBop”. Do you still love it and what does this title mean to you?

Taylor (Hanson): We’re very proud of “MMMBop” because it’s a song we wrote and sang. She means a lot to us and it’s thanks to her that we were able to have this incredible connection with millions of people. It’s always so nice to be able to interpret it every night and share this joy with the public. We have to move on and do other things, but we have never denied this title and we are really proud of it (smile)! What is your secret for continuing to be so successful?

Taylor (Hanson): (Smiles) We continue to move forward every day by giving ourselves new challenges. We are doing different projects and we are determined to continue. Even though we are successful, we don’t want to rest on our laurels, but we try to outdo ourselves by being creative and taking risks. After our third album, we left our record company “Universal” because we decided to be independent artists. It was important to be able to regain control of our career and we are happy to be autonomous, to make our own decisions. Have you ever thought of stopping the band to go solo?

Taylor (Hanson): We’ve always been focused on our music and the band. We allow ourselves to participate in different projects, but Hanson will always be Hanson. We are a family and we made this band together. We have done a lot and the most important thing is to continue to do all this as well as possible. Can you finish by saying something in French?

Taylor (Hanson): (Burst of laughter) Sorry I can’t speak French, I can just say “Merci beaucoup ! “.


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