A note on White Rabbit

By | May 26, 2022

The 2022 Hanson.net Members Only EP is “White Rabbit”.  It was announced September 15, 2021 that Hanson.net Memberships would be going “All Digital” beginning in 2022.  This means that if you have a valid membership for 2022 (Your expiration date is in 2023) you can download the White Rabbit album NOW on the Order page of the order where you joined/renewed Hanson.net.

If you would like a Physical CD copy of White Rabbit – these will be available in limited quantities through the Hanson.net store at a later date.  The date these CDs will become available has not yet been made known by Hanson or the Hanson.net staff.

If your membership is NOT valid through 2023 and you’d like to be able to download White Rabbit you can renew your membership NOW and it will add 1 year to your expiration. (ie if your membership is currently valid until November 2022, if you renew today your membership will become valid until November 2023.)

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