HANSON: New Music Out Today!

By | April 15, 2022

HANSON music videos will never be the same, after this muscle bound rock epic of Don’t Let Me Down released today. The video features Frankie Muniz, Zach Myers (on rock gtr) and Zac / Reggie Willie complete handlebar stache and bustle to boot. Premiering today!

Man are we feeling blue… but in a great way! Today is release day for single number three from RGB, the song Don’t Let Me Down. There are so many cool things about today, As the third single, fans can now see a more complete picture of what Red, Green, and Blue really is as we anticipate the May release of the full RGB album at the end of May. Don’t Let Me Down also has three very special collaborations. 1. Zach Myers.  His guitars were the final piece to the puzzle when recording DLMD and the joy of hearing his musical ideas added more than just guitars. 2. Mac Hanson. When it was decided that the Don’t Let Me Down video would dive headlong into humor, there was only one person for the job. We put Mac in the driver’s seat as director, and laughed from treatment to final edit. 3. Frankie Muniz. We have been good friends for two decades, but getting to watch Frankie make every joke better, through his perfect timing was instantly unforgettable and the perfect expression of how we hope you will all feel when you hear this new song, and watch the music video.

Red Green Blue is so many things, it is a statement about three Men, about a Band, about longevity, but is was also a labor of love filled with joy and sorrow and everything in between. We hope the journey so far from Child At Heart to Write You A Song, and now to Don’t Let Me Down, has left you wanting more, excited for what comes next, and thrilled to share the coming world tour with us and all the people that make up your life. 2022 is set to be a great year.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


Member Exclusive: We hope you will join us for HANSON Day 2022 in Tulsa. The full event schedule is out now and we hope to see you in Tulsa in May!  RSVP now!
  • Karaoke – the theme this year is the 90’s
  • Bowlers – don’t forget to choose your teams
  • RGB Listening Party Tickets on sale NOW!

We have a few Karaoke tickets available and will be emailing those on the Notify Me list. If you are on the Notify Me list, check your email! You have a limited amount of time to respond.

Beginning in June in Europe, the RED GREEN BLUE WORLD TOUR will bring HANSON to the US and Canada from July-September, Latin America in September and Australia & New Zealand in November. The band’s first major tour since their String Theory album & tour in 2018/2019, fans will be in store for a tour which not only features the premiere of 15 songs from the new project but will also be the first tour to include live performances of 2020’s Against The World as well as career spanning set lists of fan favorites.

For more information, visit: www.Hanson.net

Member Exclusive: We are so glad to be starting yet another game of HNet Explorer, this time with a hint of blue. Just like these last two months game, we are dropping all the Pins and all the Hints today. For details and to start playing, CLICK HERE.

New BLUE merch is now available in the HNet Store!

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